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Some may remember I once asked for the factory potty settings of a Snaxo 362 for DBLs with mixed responses :joy:
For some mysterious reasons the pots on my Snaxo 362 which I bought brand new some time ago they were all set at their minimum. I only found out some time later that’s actually the case and then tried to optimize the settings diy by best guessing and from asking here to please share their settings. Well, finally I had a chance to take a peek into brand new factory delivered Snaxo 362 too. So here they are original Snaxo 362 for DBL factory settings :wink:


I don’t recall mine now, that I shared with you previously. How do the factory fresh settings compare?

Actually very close. The tweeters are a tad more in the original setting than yours are with mids and bass pretty much identical to the settings you shared

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Interesting, thanks.

I was lead to believe that 362 adjustments could only be done at the factory. I have a 3-6 and 362 and am used to adjusting the pots on the 3-6. Is the adjustment process on then 362 done in the same way with these pots. If so, is there any reason why I can’t do this myself ?

Paging @Richard.Dane

It’s the same. The pots do not adjust the crossover points, that’s a built in design parameter, so factory preset.

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So the pots just adjust the gain or level…??

I’m not sure what the distinction is between gain and level is in this context? In laymans terms it’s the relative volume for each band though. I increased the bass on my 362 / Isobariks slightly when I moved the system to a larger room which brought things back into a better balance for me. I don’t pretend to understand the technicalities though.

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Ah ok, that makes sense and could prove very useful in adjusting the overall sound for room differences or personal taste. I am surprised this possibility is not advertised more, I haven’t see it mentioned in any Naim product support.

To me none. Just using both terms - which are (largely) interchangeable. IMO. YMMV…

This is the Interwebzzz…

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The pots should not be used as tone controls. They won’t need much if any movement beyond their default setting (usually a dot on the pot surround), so just for fine tuning.

Hmmm… Well, AFAIK, all (S)NAXO’s have always had this capability… :thinking:
Maybe its only in the SNAXO Manual…? (if there is one)

I will continue with my plan to have my DBL 362 changed to Brik crossover points. But there does seem to be very little difference ( 300 instead of 375 hz bass mid and same 3khx ) being the figures I have been given. One person I spoke to that had this done said they didnt really notice any difference. After using a sound check CD to check my connections I noticed that the crossover process is very much a gradual sliding scale rather than a sharp switching of drivers and so 75hz of adjustment in this gradual changeover seems to me to be very minor.

When I bought mine for my Briks Naim advised that the DBL Snaxo would work fine and that they no longer made an Isobarik specific version. Certainly seems to be the case, or at least I can’t detect any ill effects.

Have you made any pot gain adjustments to your DBL Snaxo for using it with Briks ?

I didn’t initially but when I moved the system from the front room into a larger back room I increased the bass slightly as I felt it needed a little more energy to drive the larger space.

In retrospect the front room was too small and the bass was overblown. Much better balance now in the bigger space.

Yes I wish I had a bigger listening room for the Briks. I will do a bit of experimentation with the gain before I consider getting the 362 changed to Briks, I have had a few people now say that it didn’t make any difference.

Does anyone know what the recommended pots settings are for Isobariks ? Or is it just down to personal taste ?

If you read this Thread, all will be clear… :expressionless: