Snaxo 362 factory settings

But this thread is all about DBL settings, I am using Briks. I was wondering if anyone had seen the pot settings on a Briks configured 362. No great problem, I will rely on some experimentation and just use the above as a starting point.

Yes - but… It explains that the cut off frequencies are fixed - and only the levels (or gain) can be altered, by the pots.

Indeed and the pictures at the start are for the gain factory settings for DBL. These will probably not be the gain settings used for Briks. Those Brik gain settings are I was asking about. My gain pots are in very different positions to those shown on the pictures above.

:rofl: Very much to my surprise the snaxo 362 for DBLs (even labeled as such on its box) I bought new at the end of 2018 neither was set to a default adjustment nor were there any dots whatsoever. On the contrary, all 6 pots were turned counterclockwise completely at their minimum. I was also not successful to receive any further info contacting naim directly. I only found out recently what the pot settings are supposed to be in a DBL snaxo 362. I had a chance to get a brief look into another newly ordered DBL snaxo at my local dealer shop, before instalation. btw, the order took about a year until delivery!
Mabe some official statement on the correct Snaxo default settings could be provided by naim to enlighten this one of the last remaining mysteries …

Sorry Charlie, it’s a bit after my time, but i do recall you saying.

The defaults were set up on a pair of DBLs - I guess if there are no DBLs available to do the settings then it’s not possible to set up a default setting. I realise Naim have done their best to try to keep SNAXOs in production in spite of such difficulties, but ultimately it probably makes little or no sense for Naim to continue with it.

I am afraid you miss my point Richard. In my Snaxo the settings were all set at zero. In the Snaxo I had the permission to look inside thanks to my dealer here in Vienna who I know since 20 something years, and he told me about this expected order more than a year ago and I continued to pester him not to forget once in comes in to grant me a look inside, the 6 pots were clearly set at some predetermined level. So I very much assume there is some default setting known and done by naim even without the availability of DBLs in the factory. I was just lucky enough to receive the one 362 dbl Snaxo were the default settings have been forgotten to be adjusted before leaving the factory. Sorry to sound a tad sarcastic here …

Sorry Charlie, as I say, I wouldn’t know these days.

Actually, I think it would make quite some sense for naim to develop a reference type Snaxo for all those who are willing to look beyond a 552 with an S1 pre but can’t or don’t want to go full statement or prefer active from the begin with. I feel a S1pre/active non statement amp system as run by some here on the forum is a serious match to full statement at a “more affordable” price if not even surpassing. Finally, after some years the S1 pre has been integrated and embraced within a naim typical upgrade curriculum so a growing demand for such a component may well be on the horizon. But then it would need more modern speakers as well fit for active mode.

I wonder how many S1s are sold per year. Ten maybe? Of those 10 I wonder how many are used in an active system. One maybe? Given that Naim amortise development costs over expected sales it would probably cost more than the S1 to buy.

From what I heard one S1 a month. Would be interesting to know the ratio of manufactured S1pre /S1 amps.
Besides, in the most upper naim hierarchy maybe it shouldn’t be a decision based solely on economic revenue.

I would have thought that the setup of a Snaxo would be done on a bench and not require a loudspeaker?

Something like: Feed a signal of selected frequencies in the front (three different frequencies in the case of a DBL - one in the middle of each driver range). Measure the outputs at each frequency and adjust the pots until all are at the appropriate level.

Have a tick/initials box on the job card to ensure this step doesn’t get missed. :wink:



I know of 3 active S1 users on this forum HH. I listened to a full S1 recently and preferred my active system.

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Seems to be the overall consensus here that S1pre/ paired with non S1 amps active is preferred over full statements passive. I personally can’t say much about full statement passive as I haven’t listened to it extensively enough to have a clear verdict, but nevertheless am inclined sharing this view. Could be ownership bias of course…

Yep, that’s what you’d expect. But then I received one 500 back from DR upgrade and service with a dysfunct right channel. Upon return to the factory - not so trivial from Austria- it turned out to be an incorrectly fitted device heatsink causing a short circuit. OK, Naim fixed it really fast then fitting the heatsink correctly, nevertheless, it escaped a final testing in the first place … :thinking:

Looking back at your original post, how did you work out which was for bass, mid and treble please? Is it obvious or do have to follow the wires? How much difference does the adjustment really make?

There are some marks written on the board ie LF, MLF, and HF and from the wiring it’s pretty obvious which is what. It does make quite a noticeable difference from all set at zero vs set within the ranges shown.

Thanks, I may have a fiddle over Christmas!

Just had my 362 converted from DBL to Briks by Naim :thinking:

Either you’ve been had or I have then! :open_mouth: @Naim.Marketing One of us has been told something that’s not correct. To be fair it was my dealer that conveyed the information from Naim that the DBL snaxo would work fine with the Isobariks and that they no longer made an Isobarik specific version. If that’s not the case I’ll take it up with my dealer. If you could get that clarified I would really appreciate it.

Did You get an answer @marksnaim