SNAXO 362 pot settings

I am using home-built speakers (SEAS Crescendo tweeters, ATC SM75-150S dome mid-range and Volt B2500 bass drivers). These are used in a nearly-all-Naim active system (SNAXO 362, 4 x NAP200, home-built passive preamp).

Although I liked the sound I was getting, I was convinced that the bass level needed adjustment. Experimenting by disconnecting one channel’s tweeter and mid-range suggested that the amount of change was fairly small.

I had a lot of trouble finding out which pots were for the bass (I was very happy with the existing hf and mid levels). Eventually I got brave, opened up the SNAXO 362 and took photos of the adjustment pot settings, taking close-up shots of the marked lines on the pot cases.

After a lot of twiddling, I came to the conclusion that my adjustments weren’t adding anything useful and decided to put the pots back to the original settings. I took pictures after every attempt at getting the pots back exactly where they started, which took a lot longer than my original listening experiments.

Now here is the strange thing - I had to remove the DIN plugs from the SNAXO 362 every time I removed it from my hifi rack to make adjustments, so the DIN plugs and cermet pots had a good workout. I was very surprised to hear that, despite the pots being exactly where they started, the sound had very much improved. After listening for several weeks, this still holds true.

I can only conclude that my tinkering has cleaned up the cermet and DIN connections to let out more of what is in the signal.

Am I going to start fiddling with the pots again? No, not at all. They were fine where they started off and will stay there. Plus, I cannot be bothered with all the mucking about required to get the pot exactly where it started - lesson learned!


And… whats wrong with that…?? Never ignore a simple explanation, when imagining something more complex… :thinking:

That’s one nice thing about the DIN pins is that they self clean when plugging in or out. It’s a good bit of housekeeping to do this every now and then (be sure to SWITCH OFF as SNAICs don’t like being plugged and unplugged when powered up!) and the results can be surprising.

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