SNAXO Connectivity

I want to connect a couple of 110s to a SNAXO but there are 2 inputs for both low and high frequencies, so 4 in total.

Is each pair of inputs bridged and I just connect a 110 to a single LF and another to a single HF, or do I need some kind of special cable?

You do not need a special cable, it’s as you noted single LF to one 110 and HF to the other.


Here’s the connection diagram for a SNAXO 2-4 (I assume it’s a SNAXO 2-4 here?) to a pair of NAP250s. It’ll be the same for a pair of NAP110s. However, you should use a pair of Naim DIN4 active leads instead of SNAIC4s as the SNAICs can make the SNAXO unstable. It will sound better with the active leads.

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 16.23.17


Thanks both!

I will briefly use snaic to check everything and then order active leads.

One more query, can an olive hicap power both the snaxo and a preamp?

Sorry hicap can only power one box at a time


Thats a shame. Thanks for confirming

Any other olive psus that can power both? Was supercap ever in olive?

No, you’ll need two PSUs, one for the pre-amp and one for the SNAXO. Signal travels through both.

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Thanks Richard!

And, yes, SNAXO 2-4

Mine has quite a few more connectors than the SNAXO in your diagram though…

Or is it a NAXO as written on the rear - I thought all Olive ones were SNAXO and NAXO were split left/right, not HF/LF

That’s a NAXO 2-4, not a SNAXO. However, orientation was the same - one stereo amp to each speaker. You’ll be using the Bi-amp sockets.


So, was it not until the black series that you could have one stereo amp on the HF and one stereo amp on the LF. My 110s sound slightly different so that would be my preference. Although I’ve got a couple of CB 140s being serviced so perhaps they will be closer to one another.

Yes, correct. That came with the SNAXO 242.

Some have re-wired older NAXOs and SNAXOs for this orientation but then, unless you carefully re-label everything it can get very confusing, with sometimes calamitous results.


Is that something Naim offer?

Any other benefit going for a SNAXO 242 over Olive NAXO 2-4? For example, Am i right in thinking the 242 has a PSU so no need for Hicap?

No, no psu in the SNAXO 242. That would be the IXO. The SNAXO 242 offers Improved performance over the old 2-4 though.

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I’m still waiting to find out :+1: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

My biggest unknown is if the SNAXO 242 will be better served by the Supercap-DR than the 282 with a pair of olive HICAPs but that will require a dedicated Burndy for the SNAXO 242 to compare which is probably something I’d be unable to demo.

I woud reckon the Supercap would be best on the SNAXO.


Thanks, that’s interesting, and something I’ve often wondered about. I would assume that the SNAXO 242 might be able to take better advantage of the benefits of the Supercap DR compared to the NAC 282, though initial plans were getting it as a stepping stone to the NAC 252.

Always been my experience that the largest gain is placing the best PS you have on the crossover. Played with this several times and same conclusion.



Hi Folks,
Does this look right?


I was pretty confident in the end so went for it and all is working well :slight_smile:

Most stress I’ve ever had with HiFi I think but got there in the end.

Sounding good but not really much better than my best pair of passive Kan 1s. Better bass control with the improved out of band damping. Musically, not quite as good I think although one 110 is slightly better than the other which isn’t ideal. Plus the mass of cabling is a total mess. Mind you, I’m told they have not been played in nearly 20 years so perhaps I’m being premature.

NAXO and Olive HICAP also need a Naim service and the NAXO needs tweaking from SBL to Kan settings but don’t know how much difference that will make.

Proper Linn converted ones, shipped directly to Naim back in the day…

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Fantastic experiment - let us know how you get on. Active Kan are on my bucket list to try in place of my active SL2 (also have passive Kan, IBL and SBL)