Snaxo programming


I’m looking on some info on how do they set up a snaxo device. Does Naim strictly ask for a speaker model you own, do they need just a sensitivity of each driver and do you get to specify slopes and crossover frequency?


The Snaxo crossovers are configured for specific supported speakers, rather than being a general purpose, variable crossover frequency / order device. You can set gains if needed but frequency is set at the factory.

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That’s just too bad. I hoped they would do a custom project.
Do you know anything more about the internals of Snaxo? Do they use op amps?

I would if I could.
Are those knobs for adjusting gain? I can’t tell what those black parts are

The black parts are just transistor thermal covers which are used to thermally couple the transistor pairs together. The pots set the levels. That looks like a Snaxo 362, so the 3 way version.

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The reason I’m asking is a common belief that op amps degrade the signal. So, it seems Naim found a way around that?

If I could provide desired frequency and needed slopes, would Naim accept my order?

It depends on the application. OP amps can work well, but Naim prefer to use discrete circuitry in their higher end products (eg output stage of NDX2 vs ND5XS2). I doubt Naim would do a custom SNAXO but the only way to find out is to ask them directly :slightly_smiling_face:

What an elegant way to end the thread. Go muck about :laughing:

Thanks everyone for answering!

I’m curious as to what are the speakers you are thinking of taking active ?

It’s a custom project. Two way open baffle speakers. Two 12 inch woofers and a 4 inch full range.


Very nice :+1:

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