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I have a question regarding the SNAXO 3-6.
Is it possible to connect it with 2 x NAP 250 and 1 x NAP 500 to the DBLs, if so, how?

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Others will know for sure, but I think probably not with the standard connections and discussion of any wiring modifications/non-standard cabling would fall foul of forum T&Cs.

If it is possible, from past discussion regarding current SNAXOs, the perhaps counterintutive wisdom is that the best NAP powers the high frequency drivers.

You can do that. Connect the two 250s to two of the stereo outputs, and the 500 to two mono outputs, just as though it was a pair of 135s.


thanks, so I draw it like that, is that correct?


I think so, because with the 3-6 one 250 does bass and mid for left, and one does bass and mid for right. I’d feel happier if @Richard.Dane would take a quick look and confirm before you go ahead. Thanks Richard.

Here is the connection diagram from the old active crossover manual for the SNAXO 3-6 showing connection of three NAP250s to DBLs;

You would just replace the “Treble” NAP250 with your NAP500.

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Looking at that, it seems that Einstein’s picture is correct. As you’d expect with a name like Einstein of course.

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Thanks Richard but the NAP 500 has two sets of DIN-XLR and the 250 has only one.


Yes, so you would connect as per your picture above.

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You had it right in your picture. It’s certainly best to check and you are good to go.

Thanks all.

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Einstein, what pre and what are u using as a source?

552 and ND555 + 2x555 PS DR, CDS-2, Thorens TD-126 TT.

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