Well Debs, I hope you watched Kyren Wilson and Barry Hawkins! Hope KW can keep playing well against David Gilbert - that should be worth watching.

Who is your money on for this year?

It’s wide open IMO I’m hedging my bets until the next round.
Although I like the commentary I often play music whilst the snooker is on.

Good plan…with some commentators anyway. I agree, it is pretty much wide open but I can see why Robertson is tipped so much.

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Wilson vs Wilson could be interesting. Steve Davis will have so much more opportunities to be more interesting than he usually is with his insights.

Never mind - you’ve been let off that pleasure.

Shame Ronnie went out - Gilbert and O’Sullivan had so much potential.

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Hi John,

my internet has been cut off for the past week so i’m a bit late on the snooker conversation…

my snooker hero is Mark Williams however no longer his World Championship this year, so my next hope is Higgins; he played so well to win against Robertson but only to suffer peculiar lack of form with the [ presently ongoing ] match against David Gilbert. I think maybe there is more to come from John Higgins although at this moment of writing he’s still 2 down at 12 (33) 14

…I think the overall winner will be Trump, …but i’m still rooting for Higgy : )


Me too! I suspect it will be against Judd Trump and although both Wilson and Gilbert have been brilliant, I think Higgins has the best chance to beat JT.

Hope you noticed that a few women were in the qualifiers…the day will come sooner or later.

I hope it will. Snooker is a sport in which women ought to be able to compete successfully against men.

Back in the mid to late 80s when I played snooker quite regularly, I was a member of the ‘Steve Davis’ snooker club in Edinburgh. I used to struggle along with breaks in the 30s and 40s and marvelled at the honours list of high breaks at the club each month. Unfortunately, I never actually saw her play there, but I do remember marvelling when I spotted the name of a young player who had made a break at the club that month of around 135 (can’t remember the exact number). That young teenager was Allison Fisher who went on to become a multiple American Pool world champion.

I am sure that Allison Fisher had the ability to make it in the men’s game back then if she hadn’t changed her main allegiance to Pool. I suspect that the only reason why there are no female players at the top of the snooker game is simply that there are so few women who play snooker by comparison with the sheer numbers of male players in the game.

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