It was so good to see Jimmy White playing today - a real blast from the past (cliche - sorry). Then again Ronnie came back from 3-0 down to win.
I’m not sure about this tournament (champion of champions?), never mind the ITV coverage, but it’s always good to watch the best play. Even with the sound off and the music on (Fete by Ottmar Liebert, oddly a a good accompaniment).


Ronnie played sensationally yesterday, i felt sorry for John Higgins [who i wanted to win!] every time John left the cue ball very ‘safe’ for just about every snooker player on the planet he found it wasn’t safe enough for Ronnie who would knock in a jammy red and then mop up to win the frame.

Video below is well worth watching in wonder [ less than 3 minutes long ]


Stunning pink … and then the red along the rail.
One of the commentators said that he thinks Ronnie loves these short formats, as long as he is playing quality opponents, of whom JH is one of the best.

Jammy reds…ummm…who was it said the more I practice the luckier I get - Gary player maybe?

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Ronnie O’Sullivan 5 v 6 Neil Robertson

Mark Allen vs Judd Trump

Ronnie’s out, blimey!

So it’s Neil vs whoever wins between Mark and Judd in the final tomorrow.

Anyone put any money on a winner?


Shock result, although good to see NR coming good.

Good to see Robinson today against Williams …
Love this time of year for off beat sport.

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Now here’s a novel approach (see BBC sport).

UK Championship: Ronnie O’Sullivan says limiting practice key in title

I’m rooting for lucky Nigel :smiley:


UK Championship Snooker 2019


Quarter one

Ronnie O’Sullivan 4-6 Ding Junhui
Li Hang 4-6 Liang Wenbo

Quarter two

John Higgins 6-4 Stuart Bingham
Yan Bingtao 6-1 Neil Robertson

Quarter three

Michael White 4-6 Stephen Maguire
Matthew Stevens 6-5 Mark Selby

Quarter four

Mark Allen 6-5 Kurt Mafflin
Gary Wilson 5-6 Nigel Bond


Today - Friday December 6


Afternoon session (1300 GMT)
TV coverage: BBC and Eurosport

  • Ding Junhui v Liang Wenbo
  • John Higgins v Yan Bingtao

Evening session (1700 GMT)
TV coverage: BBC and Eurosport

  • Stephen Maguire v Matthew Stevens
  • Mark Allen v Nigel Bond

Are we witnessing a changing of the guard?

Maybe no if the ultimate winner is Ding Junhui ( which i think it will be )
He’s won twice before in 2005 & 2009

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Indeed but overall it seems that new faces, or not so new, are showing well.

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It just goes to show there’s a lot of unpredictability with snooker, good and bad luck. Play like a champ one day and a plonker the next, and then it also depends upon how the balls roll, blimey.

Poor old Higgy went out today : (
and bit of a boring match to boot imho :expressionless: :zzz:
and i don’t think the teenage winner Yan Bingtao will go on to win in the Semi.

Debs - looking forward to being stimulated by the Mark vs Nigel game later :grinning:


I’m rooting for Ding. Always liked his play.

And I’ll just enjoy the snooker in a way that a complete neutral can :slightly_smiling_face:

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