So did Naim ever really make a turntable...?

My other half appears to think so…


It’s not a TT it’s Aro :sunglasses:

Now I want some cake…

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Happy birthday.

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Lets just say this is based on the unreleased prototype :wink: Happy Birthday!

Maybe JonR’s other half has some inside info on 08/05/2019 ?!


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Happy Birthday Jon.

And to add insult to injury, why is it a spitting image of a 1970’s JVC direct drive?


Hope your day was great and that you have many more.

A Naim turntable: that would be the icing on the cake…:crazy_face:


Ooh cake, I love cake.

Ah, bless your other half, what a nice thing to do.

Jon, I think you should do the decent thing and send a piece of cake to all of us who have responded to this thread.

Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday, John!
From Distant Siberia!
I wish the fulfillment of all Dreams!

Thanks for all your replies and good wishes, chaps.

I’m sorry to have to tell you that the cake has all but gone, but I hope it will be of some consolation to you to know that I was thinking of you all as I polished off the very last piece :sunglasses:


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