So happy I didn't sell it!

My old Apollo had been sitting in its box in the shed for a couple of years so I decided to sell it…then I chickened out and withdrew it from auction. So glad I did. It really is a talented player, especially once its warmed up. The class A output stage sings, lush and musical. Partnered to the SN2 really does let it show what its capable of. I’m playing CD’s again and enjoying them every bit as much as the ND5xs. Quite different, not as detailed but certainly not far off…and that class A sound once its warmed up after 30 minutes or so is quite beguiling.


Glad you took it off in time!
Sometimes you have to take that step and list something just to realise you don’t actually want to sell it.

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I used one for a while for a second house project. It’s a lovely player indeed with a swett midranfge, at the time i owned a CD5/HC into Nait 5

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