So Have you found your missing ingredient , if so what was it

So said goodbye to my focal Electra’s 1027be today and HELLO to my sopra 2
WOW WOW WOW WOW , my system now sounds fabulous ( well to my ears) and they look good ,
Very happy boy
2018 sopra 2 walnut
Naim n272 + XP5XS
Naim 250 dr
Naim cd5x + flat cap
Roksan radius5 + naim stage line
Naim A5 speaker cable
Chord interconnects
Listening heaven
The sopra was definitely the missing ingredient :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Congratulations and enjoy the music!

Electra 1027be. 1.7mg sodium 100 gm
Sopra 2. 2.5mg sodium 100 gm

I would say the Sopra 2 is a touch more salty. Perhaps sweeten up your sauce a bit more.

The focal Sopra 2’s are sublime, I have had mine since they were first released, previously like yourself i had the Electra 1027be… a considerable upgrade

Just for future reference the Sopra’s like to be driven so the better the source …the better they perform…

Enjoy your new purchase, you must be delighted

Bravo! My dealer has long since advocated Sopra 1 with N-272 and NAP250 DR. I am pleased for you with your Sopra 2s. Bravo!

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Any B & W 800 series speakers, even the current D3s have been sometimes guilty of driving the room with my 500 power amp. When the 500 went for DRing it returned with a complete lack of this anoying problem .Probably more “grip” from the amp.
If your hi-fi system doesn’t drive the room then its a massive plus.

Excellent choice :grinning:

I love mine.

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