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I have a 5 year old superuniti which I love, and like many on this forum - considering upgrade paths ie. waiting out for the “372” + 300 or maybe a SN3/NDX 2

This thread isn’t about better sonic/price choices but after going through research - my dealer, the web, and the many threads trying to decide the right path for me - it was reading other’s many takes on where the 372 would “fit” from a marketing perspective - I was really taken by the crazy breadth of the Naim product line - when you consider they only sell 40M of product in a year - with the Muso line included. . I get the halo Statement Line for product development and marketing effect, the 500 series for the commited, the classic series + uniti for the rest of us - but the SI and XS series seems redundant esp. with the strength of the Unit line.

What’s your take? To me it seems Naim could remove a third of their products and have little noticeable effect on sales - and would probably allow them to focus on line clarity, efficiencies, and r+d for the rest of the product lines… thoughts??

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For me the Nait 5si and Cd5si was my introduction to Naim.

I caught the bug and today I am at a stage where I am happy with my system which is:

Nac82>Supercap 2
2 x CB Nap 135s

Of course I have an LP12 for vinyl with Lingo ! :sunglasses:

I really enjoyed my ND5 XS, CDS2 with XPS and CB Nap250, so I have had experience with the ranges of products.

I think the Naim brand pulls you in to their sound and then you take it from there.

I probably wouldn’t have started with a Muso as I like separates. So for me I think Naim have got it sussed and I’m not sure that Si and XS ranges are redundant at all!

Will be interesting to see where they go with their product range in the future.

Maybe they have a big range as there is something for everyone.

They have rationalised a little with the 172 and 152/150 being dropped. Worth remembering that the Nait XS3 has only just be launched.



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