So Much Music So Little Time

Just had my 102 back from full service by Class A brilliant service as usual and given the depth of the of components replaced years of great sound to come. To get back to my original thought when we all get so much pleasure from our systems and how we appreciate the music there never seems enough time to get in all that you may want to listen to. It’s an odd fact that the better our systems are, me personally I listen to whole albums whereas before in the past skipping between albums looking for the gems that sounded the best. More appreciation of the whole album drawn deeper into the lyrics etc but an odd feeling that there isn’t enough time to get all choices in on that particular listening session. Is it just me or do I need to work part time or retire!


I am retired and still can’t find enough time to listen to everything I would like.
Listening sessions can be very narrow in content or go on great rambling journeys through many genres, styles and eras.
Music is both great company (Mrs QS still works 50+ hours a week) and very therapeutic (I wont bore you with the reasons that therapy is so important for me).
So in short, no matter where you are in your life’s journey, there is always “So much music and so little time”…:wink:


I completely agree - I was perusing a second hand CD shop in Llanelli and it took some time on the shelves and the boxes under the LP storage - apparently they have about 11,000 Cds out the back they are trying to work their way through.


That’s life, unfortunately! But it is wonderful to be able to do it at all - let alone with the sound quality many of us can.

As for full album listening, that has been my norm for over 50 years!


So little time to fully explore my collection, listening currently restricted to Sunday’s, I always feel like at best, I am scratching the surface of both my system and collection. I was hoping that when I reach retirement, I will have the time, maybe not!

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