So was this worth a Brit award?

It’s Sam Fender, the British ‘Boss’. He had a massive success with his first album ‘hypersonic missiles’ , it’s on frequent rotation in my system. Don’t knock it.


Why presume it’s a crappy album?

I heard 1975 introduced by my daughter, who attended a concert. She’s now moved on. How fickle the young are!

Top 40 Hits of February 1972
1 Chicory Tip Son Of My Father
2 T Rex Telegram Sam
3 Don McLean American Pie
4 Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her
5 Slade Look Wot You Dun
6 Neil Reid Mother Of Mine
7 Nilsson Without You
8 New Seekers I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing
9 Fortunes Storm In A Teacup
10 Al Green Let’s Stay Together
11 Sonny & Cher All I Ever Need Is You
12 Michael Jackson Got To Be There
13 Badfinger Day After Day
14 America Horse With No Name
15 Melanie Brand New Key
16 Bee Gees My World
17 Greyhound Moon River
18 Sweet Poppa Joe
19 Paul Simon Mother And Child Reunion
20 Donnie Elbert Where Did Our Love Go
21 Faces Stay With Me
22 Bread Baby I’m A Want You
23 Elvis Presley I Just Can’t Help Believing
24 Chelsea Football Team Blue Is The Colour
25 John Barry Orchestra The Persuaders
26 Stevie Wonder If You Really Love Me
27 Sly & The Family Stone Family Affair
28 Johnny Pearson Orchestra Sleepy Shores
29 Colin Blunstone Say You Don’t Mind
30 Holly Sherwood Day By Day
31 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Theme From ‘The Onedin Line’
32 Jonathan King Flirt
33 Cat Stevens Morning Has Broken
34 New Seekers Beg, Steal Or Borrow
35 Donnie Elbert I Can’t Help Myself
36 Gilbert O’Sullivan No Matter How I Try
37 Congregation Softly Whispering I Love You
38 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner
39 Temptations Superstar
40 Middle Of The Road Soley Soley

50 years ago. - Here today, gone tomorrow. Check out no. 24.:rofl:


Funny how the words Jarvis and arse seem to appear in the same sentence quite frequently!


No….Chelsea Football Club is still around…sort of!

One out of 40 I liked and bought - and still play from time to time. Two or three I half liked but not enough to buy.

I didn’t buy singles, but some good songs on that list imho.

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…And a lot of absolute sh!t3 :wink:


I agree … it does make you wonder if pop music more generally has improved since then… I can’t believe our tastes have changed that much.

There are at least 10 songs on that list, maybe a few more, which are decent, 25% of the list. Probably a higher percentage than in top 40s from most eras. Almost certainly more than in recent decades. The singles charts have always contained dross.

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Ok I’m gonna say it! Music wasn’t like that in my day😁

Seriously though I try to remain open to new music, and that has been helped tremendously by clever AI on the streaming sites I subscribe too.

Can’t help feeling the Brits are a little irrelevant nowerdays, much like my opinion. Seeing as I’m old!

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Erm, no.

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