So with all the Tidall drop outs

As above, getting fed up with it and so looking at going with Qobuz. But whats the best way to get it on my NDS ? As no direct connection like Tidal and i would want the high quality version.

The best way to get Qobuz on an old gen. streamer is, coincidentally, also a way to get round the Tidal dropout issue. Run BubbleUPnP server on a computer or NAS on your LAN, and control it with the Lumin or Kazoo app.

As @ChrisSU says Bubble is a good and easy way to do this.

Another way which will take a bit more effort is to go for Roon. I’m currently trialling Roon and using the LMS-to-UPNP software to send the data to my NDS. There is a hardware bridge you can buy if you don’t want to faff around with the LMS-to-UPNP software.

Tidal works faultlessly and now sounds as good as local streaming and Roon now also supports QoBuz.

I think Tidal is the only high quality option here in New Zealand. I’m even having trouble finding hi-res files to buy here.

I’m surprised that people are still having Tidal/NAIM app problems. I experienced this at the end of last year and contacted the Tech dept. about it.

I was told that NAIM were aware of the problem, which was caused by an unnanounced Tidal software update, and were working on it. They expected the situation would be resolved “early next year”, and in my experience this is what has happened.

Initially, I was advised that a reload of the NAIM streamer firmware might help resolve the issue and although it didn’t at the time, it may be that this went hand in hand with the later fix, in retrospect as it were.

Have you tried reloading? It may be the resolution you’re looking for…

Reloading what? The NAIM firmware, or the Naim App?

@MikeD This is a different, separate issue I believe. It’s still occurring after the recent firmware release (4.7) on the older platform streamers.

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