Sofa(r) So Good!

I thought I’d make this short post as I did an upgrade to my system just before Christmas that had nothing to do with: hardware; software; networking, in any sense; power; or cables.

I changed my sofa.

My wife thinks this is to improve her comfort, which it does - but, it wasn’t the primary driver; just the primary excuse!

I spent a while trying to find a chaise longue that we both liked. This would allow me to get rid of a sofa arm that was near my right hand speaker.

My daughter suggested I look at modular sofas, and this proved a success.

When listening to music I also remove the backrest cushions.

The effect?

Well, it doesn’t revolutionise my sound quality, but it DOES improve my right field imaging. I did find it irritating that I could here a mass of detail in the left field that was somewhat muted in the right …no longer!

I have seen a number of system photos over the years where a sofa impinges in either the left or right speakers, so I hope this might act as seed corn for a return to Victorian/Edwardian furniture styles!


Very crafty! :wink: and looks very nice.

The backrest cushions may help with side wall reflections a little, even if they’re not ear height?



Do you not have a position between the speakers to listen?

I have a dedicated listening room, but my wife and I plan to relocate the hifi to the larger living room, but when we do the sofa will be arranged (by mutual agreement) in the prime listening position for best soundstage, response, etc.

Nice thread, great title!

I’m always so surprised that there is currently so few options for siting speakers close to a wall considering most of our domestic restrictions. One of my stronger aural memories is my surprise at how the SL2s that Alastair and Andy from Signals brought just clicked the music in my room compared to my in space Spendors and the Focal and Kudos that they had also brought.

Enjoy those extra right speaker details!



Is that a Naim nSub between the speakers? Also, what is the resonant frequency of the Champagne jeroboam? :grinning:

I have the sofa on one side of the wall too. This is an old photo taken about a year ago. The sofa does help with the sound.


My sofa is in prime listening position. When we move this all to the larger living there will be a larger sofa, but in same relative position.



Yes. We did position the previous sofa there, but I just didn’t find it very comfortable. I broke my back a number of years ago and so need some definite support in the small of my back.

I’ll post a photo of ‘The Chair’ :wink:



No, it is a bk xxls400. Great sealed sub that works brilliantly with the SBLs, but also with the previous Focals - very fast.

The jeroboam was opened at our wedding, a few decades ago now!

Your drive units are that bit higher. Looks good.

Very nice. Love the LP storage. The majority of my albums are in the (well insulated) loft.

As you can see I have started displacing ornaments with albums, I suspect there will be a limit!

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Makes laboured pun about mobile woofer…

I’ve got Ligne Roset Prado in my listening room. It has movable back rests which can be put on the floor or allow the sofa to become a guest bed if needed. (Marketing image, not my house :relaxed:)

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I must be going blind. I can’t see a sofa in the OP’s original shots, although I can see photos that appear to have been shot from a sofa.

Actual listening spot. Fortunate to have a system/seating only room.


Here we are cosy and close. Near field monitors.
I like to sit in with the jazz quartet so not the widest of stages.

Of course no Mrs. Feng Shui to organise placement so I can put ‘em where I want.

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Next step will be headphones, or musical sofa …:joy:


This is my hot seat awaiting some action.

Looking again for a leather one. We tried the trend for the woven. Nice but troublesome to keep spotless with my grubby mits and elbow - you can easily spot.

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