Soft upgrade advice appreciated

Ladies, gents.
My system
Nait xs2
Hi cap dr
Titan audio power
Naca5 speaker cable
Tellurium q black diamond jumpers( got used and decent price)
Proac d20r

Now it’s all settled in after proac arrived about 3 months ago.
Sound I can simply explain as nice really, comfortable and full. Happy with proac. Btw after a few trials I decided tweeter out was better for my room. And not as proac recommend.
Which is ok.
But… any suggestions to open up the instruments a bit, like my past spendors( which I might add were not over all in same over all presentation as the proac)
I’m Super happy with the sound right now but you know…
No black box suggestions please, that’s next year.
I Guess for now I’m asking for placement, isolation or cable advice? Got about a 500 quid Budget if required.
Last word
As I mentioned I love the sound, but everything is in front of me, I sometimes appreciate those moments when an instrument turns up somewhere to my side.
Thank you for any ones time.

What hifi rack, if any, are you using, and is it sited between the speakers or to one side?

You might try this forum topic–some found it very useful–I did.
Creating a Soundstage - speaker placement - a massive improvement for


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Some ice cubes in the pockets will be of great help .Hopefully.

If you are happy with the general sound of your system, you should probably concentrate on placement of the speakers and room interaction in general. A rack would be nice, but reasonable placement of your equipment will probably work almost as well. Personally, I’m always surprised by how many ppl. place their equipment between the speakers.

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Hi Robert

I have a purpose built hi fi rack, not as purpose built as the naim ones though. Bought for looks if truth be told.

That sits in the middle of the speakers with tv on TOP. I’m a tad restricted with this.

speakers are about a metre away from back wall but sit forward of the tv.


You could look into how it’s all connected to your mains. I went from nice looking brass switched and as old as the house double wall outlets to simple plastic looking but audiophile unswitched with silver jaw jobs - easily done. MCRU do a few amongst others. Just remember to turn off your main supply when installing some such.

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Why not give a few examples of tracks where everything is in front as you say.

Could be that’s the way the producer/engineer wanted it to sound.

Given the speakers are not symmetrical have you tried swapping them left to right?

Are you also suggesting that you have the speakers toed out ?

I’d try halving the distance between speakers and back wall. Then, with them in that position, try ProAc’s recommendation of tweeters to the outside again.

You look a bit amp heavy too. I wonder if removing the HC-dr might restore balance.

Total cost so far: zero.


Are you sure you’re happy with the sound? This reads to me a little like ‘It sounds great, but I’m not sure I like it’. Now that may be due to me having had a bad experience with Proac (D18s not D20s) myself, during which I occasionally thought I’d made an improvement with placement blah etc, but in the end had accept that I just didn’t like them and was going to get rid of them. After making that decision, I found it much easier to admit that they actually sounded awful, and wished I’d admitted it, most importantly to myself, much quicker, instead of putting up with them for year.

Slightly toed in, been listening with tweeters in.
As recommended.
Trying tweeters out over the weekend.

Too many too mention.
Excellent point though I will give a listen with some tracks that previous speakers definitely move certain tracks wide and further forward.

Thank you

I’ll give it a go.

Mate, don’t say that, my Wife will not be happy, it would mean four speaker sets in four years…

Going to play with a few adjustments as recommended above and see how it goes.
I’ll report back findings.

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