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I do NOT wish to have a subscription service to Lightroom/Photoshop CC, so I am seeking alternatives and wonder what software others are using and why? I am considering Affinity Photo, ON1 Photo RAW, DxO Photolab 2, as initial contenders and I’m sure each has its pros and cons. Should I consider anything else? I don’t want to do heavy image manipulation and tend to stick to crop, levels, sharpen, white balance. I am also interested in haze removal (or similar), and work with both raw and jpeg images. I’d be grateful for some feedback from the many expert photographers on this site please.


Try Luminar 3 an excellent product, I find it easier and gives better results than adobe ps. I have used luminar formerly known as Skylum for a few years and with each release it just gets better. Give the trial a go.

Chris, this is a great question…well, I am also interested in getting this sort of software !

Does it depend on whether you are running a PC or Apple, and if so, does it depend on which version of operating system you are running eg Windows 95, Windows 10, or the latest output from Apple ?

Paintshop Pro is excellent and not very expensive. There’s a trial so you can try before you buy.

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Have a look at Pixelmator Pro as well; I have just started a free trial, but have yet to form a view on how good it is.

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Thanks johnt, I have just downloaded Luminar 3 to try.

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Don, I suspect most software is nowadays available for both pcs and Macs, but of course it’s wise to check before downloading (at risk of stating the obvious!). Aperture for Mac only is I gather being discontinued with IOS is upgraded next.

Ditto. Thanks Johnt!

I have the software suite offered by Nikon, may be not as comprehensive as Lightroom but a one-off Licence cost and able to crop, adjust levels, sharpen etc & generally tidy up RAW images shot with my D2Xs and D60 DSLRs.

Photoshop elements 2019 is available on disk and will do all you have requested. I’m still using elements 8 as it does everything I need.

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