Soket 4 or 5 on Supercap DR to Superline

I had to disconnect my whole system as I installed some new shelves. I was reconnecting the supercap to the superline and looked up that socket 5 is recommended. I had put it on socket 4 and seemed to work fine and get rid of an annoying pop noise going from cd input to aux 2 input. Is there any difference between the two sockets or anything I should be aware of?


3, 4 or 5 will work fine. 5 is recommended because it’s closest to the Burndy socket. You’ll see a note on the back that says to use the output closest to the used input.

Thank you!

Why not use a Burndy to connect Superline and Supercap?

Quite, a Burndy and socket 5 are optimum, you lose a bit using socket 4. And you lose a lot using a Snaic to connect a superline but if you do, take the signal from socket 3. I preferred the aux power of a 552 rather than use a Snaic from the supercap while I waited for my Burndy to arrive.

I was assuming that Matt was already using the Burndy and that the question around socket 4 or 5 was about which is best to take the signal out to the preamp. That may have been a wrong assumption of course.

And not an unreasonable one but he wasn’t specific so I covered both possibilities.

Thank you everyone and sorry I wasn’t clearer. I was referring to the signal as I do have a burndy running from the supercap to superline.

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