Solar inverter recommendation

We need to replace a Solar inverter, any recommendations for a good quality inverter, preferably with a long manufacturers guarantee would be much appreciated.
Our system is a domestic 14 panel 4kw array. We are in the UK.
I ask the question because the wealth of knowledge in our Naim community is quite remarkable.

Now back to the music…

I have a Solar Edge inverter.

It has worked well for about 8 years.

I took out an extended warranty that runs until about 2034.

One slightly odd thing is that as I’m trying to sell my house I checked the extended warranty on an app on their site.

The app didn’t show the extension, only the standard warranty.

I then tried emailing the company, which itself was not easy to initiate.

Finally, after many emails, one of their agents did admit in an email that I did have an extended warranty.

But the panels and inverter system has been flawless as far as I can tell.

I’m also in the UK with a 4kw array.

[Small detail - my installer has switched to another PV system provider.]

Speculation - there may be synergies between the inverter and the other elements of your system?

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Another vote for Solar Edge, they give much longer Warranties than the others. Make sure that your panels are connected in parallel. Solar Edge provide an app so you can monitor how much power you are getting. at the moment we are getting 2.79 kw and have received 6.68 kw so far today and 21.66MWH since the Solar Edge inverter was installed in 2015.



Many thanks. Is your extended warranty via HIES?

Ours is with HIES who seem to be no longer in business.

This arrived yesterday. Installation into November!

Solar Edge 6kW Inverter from 15 no. 1.8 x 1 m panels producing that amount with 1000W incident. 800W is typical max according to my weather station.

The monthly production is probably ± 25%. Basically if you know the solar energy incident they produce 22% as electricity with some further losses into the inverter.


I’m not sure what HIES is.

I’m pretty sure my extended warranty contract is with the company Solar Edge itself - but I don’t know the exact name of the legal entity it’s with.

I think some (extended) warranties are similar to insurance policies (i.e. the manufacturer sells off the liability to an insurance company), but I have the impression that my extended warranty is with Solar Edge itself - but in truth that’s more of a guess on my part!

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If you Google HEIS then you will see that they very much seem to still be in business….

I run a Sunny Boy 3000TL which has no fan so is silent. It is in the rafters above my listening room (the solar collectors on the roof above that) and doesn’t affect the sound in any perceivable way. I do not know how long the warranty is, but has provided me faultless service since August of 2011. It is German made, by a company called:
SMA Solar Technology AG
Sonnenallee 1
34266 Niestetal


It came with a solar powered, bluetooth connected module for checking my electricity production by the day, month, whatever called “Sunny Beam with Bluetooth”

Good luck,

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SunnyBoy now 12 years old and still ok

Are you asking? Yes.

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Mine is still ok :+1:

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