Solid State Disk recommendations

Hi there, I need a new SSD to rip my old CDs from my Uniti Star, any recommendations please, I have already had one failed attempt where it wasn’t compatible with the Naim. Thanks in advance.

Don’t have an answer but wasn’t aware of compatibility issues with an SSD.
Samsung and Seagate are amongst the best although SanDisk do some which are highly recommended.
Think it’s a matter of fixing your budget and choosing accordingly subject to any response regarding compatibility. I’d like to hear about that myself as I’m considering an SSD for my Atom.

I’d recommend a nas drive…

Not solid state but bullet proof and v reliable… synology is a good one.

I have a 1TB Samsung T7 SSD which comes with a short USB lead to connect to the USB connection at back of Star. When you connect it get the Uniti Star to format it. I did it to the recommended settings of NTSC and FLAC. Once this is done you can Rip a CD and it will appear in Servers (Local Drive). I usually search for my music by Artist.

NB 1TB is the maximum size for the Uniti Star (this should be ample).

Hope this helps

NTSC NTFS :wink:

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