Solidsteeel hifi rack

There seems to be no end to the spending at the moment :frowning:

So the new SCM40s’, HiCAP-DR and TQ Silver speaker cable are in place and still soaking in but SWMBO is now complaining about the quadraspire rack… looks I mean :slight_smile:

I must admit I’ve never been a huge fan of the Q4 rack but it’s okay as a purchase that swifty followed some other rather OTT purchases and it’s done it’s job for 3 years now. however I don’t like it’s rickety construction… I mean it sways as you push the buttons on the NDX!

So a search online and SWMBO is quite taken by the Solidsteel S5-4 which looks VERY substantial and much sexier looking :slight_smile:

Any opinions please?


They do look very nice. Interesting use of materials that seems well finished. With decent decoupling. At a very good price. Easily extended if you get more kit. Well worth a demo.

Local dealer has one in so the plan is to pop in with SWMBO for a gander… After okaying the recent big spend (over three grand but the credit card bill hasn’t come through yet) I’m giving her the say on the rack :wink:

Hi Steve (…I guess…) Solidsteel is a very good company and products are very good indeed.
Since years I have three tables of a previous series, a 5.2, 5.3 and a 5.4. At the time this was a step before the top of the line Series 6.

The one you mention is a more recent series and certainly, I am confident is a step ahead. Materials are good as lile as execution and finishing. I never had doubts on the functionality.
At the time they were expensive but by today’s standards they are probably a cheaper solution compared to others.
As far as I am concerned you cannot go wrong with a Solidsteel product. Here is a picture of one of my tables years ago used with very heavy CJ tube amps (total weight in this picture is 77 kg…) .

If I had the money I would look also into the HS series, remarkable.

Swaying isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My phase 5 Mana sways, but it sounds great.

Not sure I can comment on the performance of the SS rack but the dealer I had a demo at used and sold the product. He had his 252/SCDR/300DR set up on it. Very nice looking piece for sure.

In case anyone is looking at the word steel and thinking the rack is actually made of steel - it isn’t! It’s vinyl wrapped MDF shelf’s with aluminium tube legs filled with some dampening material. The only ‘steel’ seems to be the bolts holding the shelf’s in place. The few reviews out there seem to say it’s quite good. tbh it’ll probably never happen

What material would be best for a Rack in your opinion?

I have 7 Solidsteel racks - they are really good.

Does SWMBO not like the looks of the Fraim?

No… she wants either all white (legs/shelfs/etc) or perhaps better all black. Oh and that 1980s look black ash is right out (as on the EVO rack).

They look very sexy, Italian design :slight_smile:

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