Solstice Acrylic Dust Cover

Here is an example of a custom Acrylic cover/protector for the Solstice. Personally I don’t like to put a cover on my Solstice but in a home with kids this gives peace of mind.


Thanks for sharing.

Here’s mine:


What happened to the LP12? Is it no longer in the system anymore?

nice! Chris I hear we have a mutual acquaintance (Mike in NYC). Where can I get one of these acrylic covers for my Solstice? Both of these look excellent. Also is there someone who I can commission to make an acrylic box to enclose a small piece of art?

@Bart I saw on another thread (it’s closed so I cannot reply there) that you have an acrylic dust cover for your Solstice. It looks similar to the one Chris is using. How do I get into this secret society of dust cover ownership?

I must be misremembering the design of the Solstice. As shown in your photo, the platter stands proud of the top plate of the deck. I had thought that it was recessed, so that some of the platter was hidden (like an iceberg, if you will). But I must be wrong.

Our boss forum Richard will always re-open a closed thread if you ask him nicely. Just flag any post (any post at all!) and tell him what you want and why.

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Jared, Small world. Mike was just here in Seattle and I played some tunes for him.

Solstice dust cover: Stereo Squares. He’s made at least 2 for the Solstice. I’m very happy with mine and the cost was reasonable.

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Comparing these two and being nit-picky, part of me is afraid that those acrylic tabs that rest the cover on the plinth might fail and break off, causing the cover to crash down on tone-arm?

They seem plenty strong to me. That said I would not recommend putting much on top of it, but mostly because it might scratch.

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