Solstice dustcover

Starting a new thread so it’s not buried in the big Solstice thread. This cover was custom-made by a fellow here in the States who has a small turntable dustcover business. The dimensions ended up coming out just right. The ‘notch’ in the rear ended up being superfluous; it’s so far from the arm that nothing is needed back there. And the lip rides above the Burndy by a few mm which seems perfect.

Silicone nubs are installed to prevent marring of the top of the Solstice acrylic outer plinth.


Looks like a great solution @Bart. What a pity Naim didn’t come up with something like that.


Wouldn’t be out of place holding pasties in Greggs.

Looks awesome Bart. Norm & co. does great work.

Exactly. I wouldn’t want to have to work out what to do myself.

Rega offer a cover.
Michell offer a cover
Linn offer a cover.

Come on naim. £16k and the customer needs to work it out?


Perhaps Naim aren’t too bothered about offering a protective cover.

However, this is a limited edition and so purchasers of the awesome turntable, will naturally want to keep their prestigious turntable in tip top condition.

Even if not included in the Solstice package, it ought to be offered as an additional accessory.

I’ve seen people put plastic sheets over turntables and also crazy sized plastic ‘fish tanks’, but surely the limited edition Solstice is far too special for simply “making do” … it could even have a Naim logo and an etched image of Stonehenge, to really add some class! :grinning: :grinning:

I even use a Tetleys beer towel over my Rega P6’s perspex cover. A cover to protect the cover! More to keep the dust off really.
Now just need to find a way to keep the dust off my Michell Gyro SE.

A towel over the cover would not be a bad idea.

Bonus photo: First-press (then withdrawn) “loud” mono cut of Rubber Soul. A novelty as a collectible and amazingly pristine for being 57 yrs old!


Personally I much prefer without. Most high end turntables have no dust covers. Linn and Rega ….ok. But Kronos, SME, Avid, top Clearaudio, Acoustic signature, Continuum, Brinkman, Walker, VPI….quite all high end turntables don’t come with a dust cover.

It doesn’t come with a cover because we recognized there could be different ways people want to position/use it; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Clare of course is right, starting with two distinct options – on Fraim, or not on Fraim.

If not on Fraim, a rests-on-the-shelf design is possible. It would not rest on the plinth that way and satisfy those prone to fret over it resting on the plinth.

If it sits on Fraim, a different strategy is needed, such as how mine is designed. It seems an elegant solution – tabs supporting it on the plinth, and silicone nubs to deter marring. The fellow who designed this makes dustcovers for many brands and wasn’t deterred or particularly challenged I have a feeling.

Sorry but thats just ridiculous

Very clever design Bart- looks great!

When I had my VPI TNT back in the day I had this fellow make a custom cover, it was two piece so just had to lift the top off. The whole cover was about 10 inch’s top 4 lifted off.

And yes Bart very nice setup. I’m sure it sounds great. Bravo

I am an example which confirms what Clare said.

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