Solstice SE anomalies

Curious if any anybody else has encountered some very strange happenings with their Solstice SE. Mine is one of the first in NA but a few little inconveniences have happened. The distributor has been made aware of them I assume Naim HQ as well but no response has been received (I have a very vocal and great local dealer who does pursue these things). These are what I have very, very occasionally encountered (all using the full Solstice SE setup):

  1. Turn on the TT, spins at 45rpm only and will not turn off, cannot change speed, no response from the buttons on the TT or the PS.
    Solution: unplug the PS and let sit unpowered for a prolonged period of time (sometimes have had to do this multiple times; time to reset has been from a couple of hours to in one case 2 days; fortunately only happened 3 times so far).

  2. This is the latest and strangest of all. All lights on the Solstice SE and associated items are off, display is off, no indication of power being on at all, but the TT is spinning on its own at 33.333 rpm. Solution: Simultaneously press the TT power and standby buttons and hold for ~5 sec. This seems to do a hard reset of all items connected, TT stops spinning and everything functions as it should (and is still functioning as it should at present). This was the most recent and surprising event from a few days ago.

I should also mention that all items are on a dedicated circuit for the audio system. Other components and systems appear not to be affected, so very probably not a mains issue but… Perhaps some weird RFI or a strange subcarrier frequency on the mains (however all monitors on incoming voltage are in the 120 to 123v range, overvoltage effect maybe?).

The above issues are rare, seemingly random, but perplexing nonetheless. Fortunately there seems to be a work around.

Just curious as to if anyone else has encountered these same issues or if I am the only one.

Otherwise everything is sonically and operationally superb.

Perhaps @110dB can offer some insight?

Non of these issues with mine (UK) sounds like a fault unfortunately

Could very well be a fault but until it fails completely, difficult to troubleshoot and replicate on a test bench.

It should not be over voltage, the tolerance standard for utility voltage in North America as set by ANSI C84.1 is 5%, meaning anything from 114v to 126v would be acceptable.

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Good information to know.

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I can’t help with your issue 2 but believe I have an explanation for issue 1.

One of Naim’s aims is to bring you ‘more music’. It does this by playing your 33rpm albums at 45rpm so that you can listen to more of them in the time available to you…

Sorry for being so flippant. It does sound, unfortunately, that you have a faulty unit. I’m sure your dealer & Naim will sort it for you.

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Some humour on a Friday is always appreciated. Have a great weekend.

This sounds like a problem in the electronics. It will not be the mains - and it won’t be the turntable itself. Your report suggests that a ‘hard reboot’ has fixed things. How long for, though…?

Keep pushing your dealer. Consider contacting Naim Support -

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