Solstice vs ND555


I raise this simply because an old work colleague dropped by this afternoon and he asked to listen to a couple of Miles, Coltrane and Mingus things on both CD and vinyl (he brought the CDs) and the usual old conclusion applied that one was not “better” than the other, we both preferred the vinyl for the fluidity and rhythm but the CDS3 did great things as well.

Conversation then moved on to Solstice vs ND555 and we wondered if anyone had had the opportunity to compare the same recording on both side by side to make a judgement. Of course not expecting a conclusive judgement but just impressions.



Given the delivery issues, IIRC, only @Bart and @MMky have both the Solstice and ND555 in their systems. A nice choice to have :sunglasses:


I do find the Solstice to be rather ‘ND555-like’ and thus ‘Naim-like’ in presentation.

I dont know that comparisons beyond that start to make a lot of sense or lend themselves to my vocabulary, as digital vs. vinyl replay is so fundamentally different in so many ways with respect to the generation of an ultimate analog signal that is received by the preamp.

Solstice is very easy to listen to and very musical.


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