Some advise please

Ok so I am a complete beginner with regards to Naim Audio so…be gentle!!
Used to have a Meridian 500 series amplifier /cd /tuner running into an old pair of CDM7NT speakers (for now).
Going down the Naim route, I bought a new Supernait 2, which is far superior to the Meridian 555 amplifier, running my Meridian 506 24bit CD into it. However I need to move on and start streaming.
I cannot afford at the moment to buy a NDX2, but the ND5 XS2 is within reach.
Guess the ND5 XS2 would be ok with the Supernait for now ??, I know I don’t have a screen on the front of the device, but I would be happy with using the app. All reviews on the ND5 are good. I this the best way to go ??
Many thanks

The ND5 XS2 is a great way of getting on the new streaming platform, but there are some great deals on second hand NDS at some dealers. The NDS will sound better, but ison the old streaming platform. The Supernait will perform great with either.

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Thanks for that, think its going to be the ND5 XS2
Appreciate it

A sensible decision since the NDS would require the extra expense of a dedicated power supply unit.

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  • you can add an external dac later.

Agh yes forgot that, good point.

I think this is an excellent choice. The screen on the NDX 2 is pretty but useless, the key is the new streaming platform with Airplay 2 and roon support. At least from my perspective. I’m sure you’ll love your ND5 XS2. Highly recommend taking advantage of roon’s free trial period when you have the ND5 installed.


Many thanks
All I need next is a new pair of speakers

And so it begins :notes::+1::sunglasses:


You will love the ND5XS2. It will change how and how often you listen to your system.

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