Some CD albums ripped on Naim Core are not showing in Roon. Why?

I have a Naim Core, and a Lumin streamer. I use Qobuz and Roon. All works beautifully but some CD albums ripped on my Naim Core are not showing in Roon. They show up in an artist folder called ‘Unknown’. This includes a recent album by Pink Floyd, so it’s not just rare albums that are suffering from this issue. Why is that? The whole point of Roon is that it ‘amalgamates’ my chosen Qobuz albums and my Naim Core albums. What can I do to solve this issue.

Naim WAV rips do not contain any metadata, Naim opt to store metadata within a separate metadata file which Roon cannot understand. If you rip in FLAC the metadata will be embedded.

If you move your ripped WAV albums from the Core, you can use software like Songkong to ‘parse’ the Naim metadata files to tag the WAV files properly.

This is a point I’ve been making for over a year! The tagging is not a strength of Naim - not to say it’s a total mess.
I’ve exported the library to a NAS drive and it took me 2 months to sort the tags and lower the size of the images! The reason for NAS is that Naim thinks that users are not want a shuffle feature!!! You can shuffle 500 songs - really? Do you think 500 songs is a good selection when you have 40000 songs?

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