Some Dylan musings

Got to thinking about where I am on Dylan’s timeline after seeing a few of his albums on the WATLT thread.

So I’m “Time out of Mind”, my 3 children are, John Wesley Harding, Blonde on Blonde and Bringing it all back home respectively.

I find myself using the phrase “keep on keeping on” a lot lately. Don’t think it’s a Dylan original but it’s where I’ve heard it from.

A nice Burgundy is most likely to blame for these musings.



Mine would be Desire, first heard Sarah in a friends car on a wild night out on the Gold Coast in the late 70’s. Loved it it seemed to hit the right spot as I was just recovering from an broken relationship. Though I didn’t really get into Dylan till the 90s. Big fan now and own most of his albums.

I’m old an grouchy now (sorry reflective) so I’m definitely in tune with his last album as it seems to sum up where we’re at.


Ah spotted that one from Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues off Highway 61 Revisited

“I started out on burgundy, but soon hit the harder stuff”


My three favourites are:-

New Morning
Planet Waves
Before The Flood

I’m referring to my age ( and my children’s age) and what Dylan released at the same age.

That was my obviously not very well articulated Burgundy thoughts.


I got that part when I read your message last night, and it led me off to double check release dates… I’m a year older than you, so have chosen to “round down” to Time Out of Mind also… which is great because I love that album, that time, that Lanois feel.

I didn’t get into Dylan until I was in college (I started in 1980), and the first album I bought on release day was Slow Train Coming, which I really loved although I was not aligned with the born-again ethos. I saw him on that tour, with the fab Al Kooper on keys, at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, late ‘83 or early ‘84.

My Roon and Google exploring last night led me to the archives of his Theme Time Radio series, where he plays DJ and musicologist… did 100 episodes for satellite radio, then a reprise special episode (after a two year hiatus) on the theme of Whiskey as a marketing celebration for releasing his Heaven’s Gate bourbon and rye.

All of that was new to me, so thanks for a cool side trip, @Sloop_John_B !

Regards alan

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So many favourites but probably Hurricane attracts. I was a Dylan fan from around 71-73 ( the timeline is lost to memory and other things) but first saw him at Earls Court in 78 after constantly phoning from work ( no mobiles) for returns at the box office. 4 o clock in the afternoon a pair of tickets came up. I bought them having no transport and being at work until 5. Older bro came through with a loan of his mini. Raced home from work, changed jumped in the mini and got fromWelwyn, Herts up the A1 and to outside EC. Parked virtually outside taking a chance with the meter maids, was stopped by a spiv as I approached the box office to pick up the tickets, told him to wait. Picked up the pair, sold one to the spiv that covered my ticket and the petrol costs and had a great night. Still a fan.


It’s like poetry set to music.

The undisputed harmonica-weight champion of the world between 62 and 75.

Yep Sarah. One of the greatest tracks
of all.

Love Bob Dylan stuff.

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Still one of my favourite Dylan tracks.

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Started with 1967 greatest hits, had taped Desire in 85, saw a disappointing concert in 88 in Calgary, still bought Greatest hits 2, moved on to Blonde on Blonde (esp Visions of Johanna) and Highway 61, which are my two favourite albums, and also like John Wesley, blood on the track, another side. Lost track until Modern times and Together through Life. Then got sidetracked again.

My current favourite is the Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3: Tangled up in Blue and Idiot Wind on the second Cd; Paths of Victory and Kingsport Town on the first.

I used to go around to a friends house. His dad had a very nice hifi system. In those days we didn’t have many records.
His dad was a classical music fan. The records in question that were repeatedly played were A Trick of The Tail, Bob Seger Live Bullet & Blood On The Tracks.
That was the first Dylan album I ever heard. Tangled Up In Blue used to get played multiple times.
Loved that album but wasn’t really a fan. That came later probably 10 years later.

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