Some Flac files get interrupted

Dear All. It happens with certain disks, in external hard disk, connected to my nova. There are brief interruptions, as if the Nova could not process the reading. The same file, on the same disc, played from my PC does not cause any problems. It does not seem to be a problem with the files, they are not corrupted and they work fine on other devices. Does it happen to someone? any solution?

I’m having the same issue.

and did you solve it? How?

I haven’t.

I have an Innuous Zenith. I’ve noticed on some albums but my no means all there is a slight interruption maybe a second or so at most towards the end of every track on the album when streaming ripped files from the internal drives.

I’ve been in contact with Innuos support and they have tried all sorts, culminating in me sending them some of the problematic files. They can’t replicate the fault and the files I sent them played no problem at their end.

That’s where I’m up to with it. They’ve suggested copying the files onto a USB and trying them directly into my ND555 or trying them over Wi-Fi to eliminate a fault with the streaming port. If there is no fault then I guess suspicion moves onto the ND555 itself.

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Do you means disks, or tracks

Are these Flac files 24 bit? Where did they come from?
Have you tried unplugging the Nova for a full 10 minutes?
Hav you tried other USB disks?
How is the drive formatted?

they are tracks
24 bit. Downloaded from the web, various places
Yes, I usually disconnect at night and the same error continues
If I tried other disks and pendrives: the same
ex-fat format
It happens with several tracks from different discs, not in the same place, when playing again the failure occurs in another sector of the track. It is as if it did not reach the buffer and the reproduction is blocked for an instant

Are you using Sense by any chance?

I would certainly try a 10 minute power disconnect - not just a shutdown, but actually remove the plug from the wall. After that, I suppose a factory reset may be worth a go

No. The Naim app.

My issue appears to have been resolved by the new Zenith firmware update from Innuos.

I found what the problem was! Trying alternatives, I deleted the cover and it stopped playing. Then I uploaded another cover with the mp3tag and it was solved.
There was obviously something corrupted in the cover art or the way it was embedded

I had a similar issue when I had a particularly large Album Art jpeg, so deleted in MP3Tag like you and added a smaller one

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