Some issues with NDX2

I wonder if anyone can help me with an issue I get with my NDX2. I play Qobuz, Tidal, CD rips from ssd attached to Roon core (iMac), via WiFi.

Usually it is excellent for days on end but occasionally it will stop playing and no longer be visible to the Naim app (iPad). I try rebooting the iPad and Naim app but it never clears the problem.

The NDX2 itself seems responsive i.e. the display seems to work and I can access all features. WiFi set up also shows as OK.

The only way I can clear it is to remove the power cable from the back of the NDX2 then re-connect and wait until it boots up then all is fine.

Anyone experiencing similar? Is there another way to clear it?

Please don’t suggest hard wiring as I am committed to using WiFi which works great all around the house even when playing Netflix 4K hdr and another tv at the same time.

By the way, when the problem occurs on the NDX2 everything else on the WiFi network works seamlessly.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, @Bjm.

I don’t think it would work for you, but the other day, when I installed the NuVista 600 to demo it, the same thing happened to me…, until I realized that the tablet was practically without battery; once loaded everything worked perfectly again. NDX2 network wired and Android SO.

There is another thread out there where it has been commented that this type of failure may be related to some kind of incompatibility or enmity between IOS, WI-FI and Naim APP, but I can’t remember what it is, or find it now…

We’ll see if at least someone remembers and can address you, or maybe with the search engine…

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It could be a router/IP address issue. If your dealer is IT savvy they could log into your computer remotely and check your IP addresses. I had a similar problem and my dealer assigned an IP address remotely and it’s much better now.

Yes, try hard wiring. There is little point in being ‘committed’ to using wifi if a wired connection would solve the problem. It’s like being committed to only wearing shorts and then complaining that your legs are chilly in the winter.

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Ah, I missed that you are on wi-fi. A wired connection will be much more stable if it’s possible for you.

Thanks @newcomer, I seldom let the battery charge drop below 40% and often have the iPad plugged in to the mains.

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Thanks @Mike_S, but there are no IP address conflicts and it can ‘behave itself’ for several days on end.

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So, can you hard wire it?

Ha ha, thanks @hungryhalibut, but my WiFi works brilliantly around the house. Being committed to wifi means that I am not prepared to rip up the house to run cables or have in-slightly cables running over skirting boards.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was convinced that the wired route would be better, I would find a way to do it but temporarily connecting via a lengthy Ethernet cable didn’t bring any SQ improvements.

But did it stop the disconnection issue you are experiencing? If it did, there is your answer.


I agree with HH here Bjm, a wired connection is more reliable. If its not feasible then staying with wi-fi is off course fine, but with accepting the slight annoyance you have.

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As hinted at above, when it next happens try rebooting your router/modem and see what happens. It does sound like a network conflict.


Wow! Good point @cdboy. I had ruled it out because the Sky Q streaming was not affected - next time it happens I will try a router re-bootjust to see.

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Like you, I stubbornly resisted installing Ethernet cabling for some time. Then I got out the drill, and just did it. I’m glad I did, but there is no guarantee that it will solve your particular (as yet undiagnosed) problem.

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Like Chris i bit the bullet and had ethernet cable run round the side of the house from the router and in thru an airbrick. Cost very little…one of my better upgrades/ decisions.

Hi all I am new in this forum. I have a SN3, NDX2 and PMC 5.24, I am using tidal(Wifi) and USB as inputs.
I guess I am experiencing the same problem as reported by BJM. Sometimes the NDX2 works well for a while and then it does not respond anymore. Any new song selected from the Naim app (Tidal) is not played.
It seems the problem could be related to a buffer issue. The only workaround that I have found so far is go to the current queue, empty it, and wait until the current song(s) has finished. After that you should take the control again.
Hope this help.

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So, welcome to the hell, @Fdiaz.


With the system definitely installed but still settling, I dealt yesterday to test all the sources and make the comparison that we were getting through: NAS vs. USB HDD into NDX2. Taking advantage of the tug, I also add the impressions vs. Tidal and the use of the NDX2 in server mode from all other systems at home…

Sound quality in my system, in my room, in my settings and to my ears:

  1. NAS>AudioQuest Cinnamon>Naim App>NDX2

  2. Tidal>Naim App>NDX2

  3. USB HDD>Naim App>NDX2

The difference in SQ between the NAS via Ethernet and Tidal is not too big, but the sound via NAS is better.

The SQ via USB HDD is good, but to my ears are quite far from that of Tidal and, above all, that of the NAS.

Functionality in my system:

  1. NAS: on all 4 configurations, the main one with the NDX2, another with Marantz SR 6012 and two others with ProJect Stream Box DS, what works best is the NAS, both for SQ and because, out of conviction, I lack Smart Phone and all systems except the NDX2 do permit music programming evenly through their remote control and front screen (or TV).

  2. TIDAL: works very well on the NDX2 and the Marantz, except that it also requires Marantz’s dedicated App for its progrmation; it doesn’t work on ProJect Audio streamers that, although perhaps already obsolete, still sound great and are tremendously functional for simple applications in the bedrooms.

  3. USB HDD: the sound is the least good and, in addition, using the NDX2 in server mode from the USB HDD, loses a lot on the rest of the streamers in front of that from the NAS, and even against that from internet radio. In addition, and this does seem to me a great but, the Naim server seems too basic and very Spartan to me, basically because it does not allow the import of m3u format playlists and makes it very difficult to configure playlists from the Naim App.

In conclusion, the NAS has not died but quite the opposite, TIDAL is a great source although it has its minus, and the USB HDD and the NDX2 “server mode” are a convenient facility but only for some rush and/or undemanding systems.


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