Some of that stuff about cables might be true

Loud and Clear, the Naim dealers in Glasgow, lent me Chord Epic XL and Signature for what turned out to be an extended time during lockdown, so lots of time to play with them. I used not to believe cable hype and stuck to NACA5, until I swapped back in some Naim cable between my 135s and B&W 803D3s, I couldn’t believe how different they sounded. Both Chord cables were much superior. The bass disappeared with the Naim cable.
Very little difference between Epic XL and Signature IMHO, so I ordered the Epic, which looks nicer and bends more easily.
I guess the lesson is - home demo and try it yourself.

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I take it these are speaker rather than interconnect cables?
The Chord epic interconnects are good. Signitures better. Just trying a signiture in place of an epic on my streamer to preamp. Currently extra clarity.

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