Some parts of Naim website woefully out of date

I thought I’d look at the new upgrade path on the main website and found

The simplest upgrade is to change, say, the CD player or preamplifier for a more sophisticated model in the range. However, all Naim Audio preamplifiers, along with several other components, can have their performance enhanced through a range of independent power supply units. Simply adding a supply, or moving up one model in the power supply hierarchy, delivers readily appreciable gains in the musical performance of those components. Similar improvements are available for Naim Audio CD players and HDX Hard Disk player. The recent introduction of our first stand-alone digital to analogue converter, the DAC, opens up the available upgrade options further for those sources with a digital output.

Now I can appreciate that the new classic might not have made it here yet (although why not if it’s being used in house for a year) but this is so old that it is referencing a well discontinued product as new and focuses on CD players and HDX both long discontinued.

You just have to hope that the same QC that allows this to be presented to the public isn’t manifest in other areas of the company.



Serial Numbers is still nonsense, too. Look at 2019 to 2022. Some are just missing. And the Heading - !!

And this was supposedly ‘fixed’… :thinking:

The product info on the new classics needs some corrections too. FLAC and ALAC up to 24bit/384Hz doesnt sound very impressive :slight_smile:

There were some more but I forgot.

When queried at the time this was confirmed as correct.

Bit poor really, as pointed out by RD re the Tidal trial, this is still on the site

“The free subscription is redeemable any time before the 31st December 2021”

5 years to develop the new kit and 5 minutes to correct the site IMO :astonished:

It cannot be. It at the very least incomplete.

And the Heading for 2010 is clearly Wrong.

Yes, the heading is wrong but as for the apparent numbering discrepancy around 2020-22, it’s correct. At a guess I would say it’s because of the difficulties Naim had at that time with supply where lots of kit was part built and had to wait for parts, so some chassis laid down in one year (when serial numbers applied) were only completed in the next year.

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This is a very common problem for many websites. When they are created very few companies build in a strategy for review, or timestamp them for removal after a fixed period. The issue carries over to all internet information and it has become very important to verify, by whatever means possible, that what you are reading is still relevant and accurate. This forum is almost unique in its strategy of closing old threads.


When I was initially looking into Naim as an audio system around 6-7 years back, I used the Naim site and the info on it as a key source for research on which products to purchase, and pair up, and I’m sure that many others do as well.
At that time, the site was still quite current, as far as I knew, and thru careful reading and pairing advice, I ended up with what I feel is excellent value for the EQ achieved. I’m quite certain that I read every word on the site at that time, as I find the research stimulating.

The thought that I could have been reading things that were entirely out-of-date is most disturbing, and a tad embarrassing, and I’m very glad that I’m not trying to use the site now for recommendations and possible purchases. This must suck for today’s new customers.

Hopefully, the Naim marketing staff will read this and make the appropriate updates for us, and for the possible future buyers. Quite possibly, it’s an issue that Naim/Focal head office is trying to shoehorn into a large set of major marketing tasks on their agenda.

What about from 2019 to 2020:

450417 - 465513 2019
465614 - 483205 2020

2019 ends off with 465513 & 2020 starts with 465614, there are 101 serial #'s missing there? I just assumed the 2020 start was a typo & it should have been 465514. My 300DR falls in these missing serial numbers.


Case Proven, M’Lud. Or your NAP300 doesn’t exist…!!!


As I say, I asked a while back…

@daren_p - How about you contacting Naim, to point out that your NAP 300 is not listed…?

Reason you posted makes sense, but even if this is the case, the serial numbers shouldn’t just be missing from the list all together, that doesn’t make much sense. They should either be listed under the year they were started or making more sense, the year they were finished?


I agree.

On one project (years ago) a project manager said that documentation doesn’t fly. I suppose he was right in some respects but completely wrong in others. Oh well…. Personally, it is something that I find very important and if done properly is very worth while

If this was in Aerospace, then the PM was very wrong. Without the correct documentation, nothing flies… :expressionless:

There was documentation but it could have been better. There are now other issues with documentation that manufacturers are worried about due to technology transfer and IPR. This results in diluted user and design documentation


The get an engine (say an RR Trent XWB, for the Airbus A350…) Certified to fly, with EASA, the documentation to ‘prove’ it was Airworthy was mind boggling. Trust me.

Anyway we are talking about consumer electronics here where some seem to have modernised their documentation online and some not. I mentioned this a while back but it was probably received as “negative waves” and I guess the people left at Naim are busy to meet the deadlines for the releases. Let’s hope that this will be addressed when time permits