Sometimes The Smallest Things

My MacBook (2015) was showing it’s age and I was reluctant to spend dosh on a new one, but many websites (What Hifi/Autoexpress) have ads that just make them unreadable due to loading issues or slowness.

So I gave in and today I received a new MacBook Air M1, which is very lovely, fast and loads those websites nicely.

One real bonus is being able to use the Naim App on it…and its working well.

Happy day.


it’s a great device, and I have the same, although I do still use my 2011 MacBook Air which still does most things quite well, including running Photoshop CS6, which the latest one wont unless I pay Adobe lots of money every month for the rest of my life :disappointed:

I hate subscription software!!!

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Back in January I got a new MacBook Pro with M1 processor to replace my circa 2014 MacPro. The screen resolution and speed have been very impressive but perhaps the thing that has surprised me most is the staggering battery life. I use the machine daily for a couple of hours or so and have found I only need to charge it once a week!

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I’ve noticed an improvement, but haven’t really tested the total battery life yet.

The new iMac looks interesting. Basically they have a thin screen, and the bottom bar basically contains laptop components. Ingenious really, as they are saying that M1 covers both types. The only possible downside is what I expect to be the 16GB limit that is on the M1 laptops. They say that an M1 chip means you dont use as much memory, but of course there are some memory hungry video processing apps there that will probably test that limit.

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