Somewhere to sell/swap?

Does anyone know of a reputable forum (UK based) where it’s possible to swap/sell Naim equipment without having to pay Ebay fees?

Try the pink place. Otherwise, Naim dealers are your best bet.

There is a wonderful dealer in St Albans that has probably the largest range of pre-loved Naim gear in the UK (therefore the world!) and they also will give reasonable prices on Naim trade-ins. I am not sure Forum rules allows me to mention their name but follow the sound of drums.

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You’d be better off paying ebay fees. :wink:

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There is also a Naim Facebook page that often has items for sale/wanted.

Definitely not true! I bought the majority of my second hand stuff via Naim dealers for good prices. I found that it was always worth asking things for the dealers. Once I expressed interest for a nac62 which appeared to be sold already. Within a week the same dealer came back to me and proposed a serviced nac72 for the price of GBP 325. Try that on eBay.

I do have good experiences via other forums and the bay too, but not for better prices or better quality or so.

Anyhow, it is worth asking the Naim dealers for what they have.

I would second NigelB’s recommendation. I have been a customer of the unmentioned St Albans dealer for years. Great service, and a great couple of guys to deal with as well.

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I’ve done several trade ins through my local AD. He tends to offer what the typical selling price on ebay is less 10%. If you chuck in paypal fees then selling through ebay can typically cost 15% so I think this is acceptable.

The issue is that there is no typical selling price on ebay unless someone somewhere is keeping a database. In my view ebay is pot luck and the price depends on how many people are interested on the item at the time and how many items are for sale at that time. I have seen particular records sell for £10 at one time and then shortly after due to demand they’ve gone for £50. :man_shrugging:

I goto ebay and check the previous sold prices. I looked recently re. my SN2 and HiCAPDR. I found it quite easy to arrive at a ‘typical’ price for each. Without mentioning a price to my AD he came back and offered more than my guestimate so I was satisfied. Either way it’s always a ‘gulp’ moment both when you sell AND when you buy :frowning:

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Try the Naim facebook page, you have to register first. Often people selling or some trying to buy.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check a few dealers out and try the groups mentioned.

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