Sondek/NAC 82/HICAP/ into NAC-N 272

I have been using NAC-N 272 into NAP 250.2 through ATC SCM40s for about a decade now. I am very happy with this system. However, I resurrected my LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Klyde from the spare room recently, and I am once again falling in love with it all over again. Around half of my LPs sound better than Tidal streaming.

I wonder if it would be possible or indeed desirable, to use my NAC 82/HICAP/Linn K boards as a phono pre into the NAC-N 272. If this is possible please let me know how to connect it all, as I find the Hicap/82 routing most confusing. I do not want to spend much on a solution to this problem. Maybe a good interconnect or two.

Thank you.

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You could - you’d need a custom wired DIN5 to DIN5 interconnect cable to use the output pins on the Tape In/Out socket on the 82.

It’s a few boxes (82, Hicap and NAPSC) all being used just to provide, what is effectively, a phono stage…

You may be better off getting something like a Stageline and using your Hicap to power that (via a SNAIC5), with a DIN4 to DIN5 interconnect to the 272.


Thank you James.

I’ll look into both your options. Maybe sale of the Olive gear would help fund a Stageline or similar? I have Project phono pre but it’s not really up to it.

I am rather confused. Is it necessary, or even possible, to use one preamp (NAC82) into another (NAC272), and is there any point in doing so, even if it is possible?



It’s not the usual way of doing things and there is a simpler approach (Stageline and Hicap) but with the kit Klyde already has (and a custom interconnect) it’s possible.

The 82 is just being used for its phono stage (the internal Linn K boards) and by using the Tape output, a fixed level output from the 82 could be utilised by the 272.

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Well, to paraphrase an infamous legal quip, I may be none the wiser, but at least I’m better informed!


I suppose another approach if you’re enjoying vinyl again could be to use the 82, with Hicap, as the main preamp into the 250.2. You could then use the 272 just as a Streamer / DAC and use its Line level output into one of the 82 inputs ?


Sell the 82 and get a phono stage.

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The Nac 82 is a better preamp than the N-272, in my opinion.


I prefer the K boards in the Nac 82 , the Stageline is not as good in my opinion.


I just wondered if I could get by using what I have available. It’s looking very much like I’ll need to buy a phono pre for the limited amount of playable vinyl I have.

Thanks for adding that to the debate Igel.

I agree the, the 82 sounds better than the 272.

So it’s everything into the 82 then? Problem is, the way I have this wired yesterday, both volumes were controlled by both remotes, and loud piano notes were slightly brittle.

Are you there Richard D? I think someone needs to adjudicate.

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I like this idea.

I think you have a line out phono on the 272. If you use this then the volume control on the 272 should be unusable. Connect the line out phono to an 82 input. Connect the 82 to your 250. Make sure you turn the 82 volume control to minimum before switching on.


Thankyou for another possible solution bruss.

You really don’t need two preamps (or control amps, as Naim rather quaintly call them).

So keep whichever you prefer, sell the other, and you will have ample funds to buy almost any phono preamp that you could want - although, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t just fit the relevant boards to the NAC82 and be done with it.

You seem determined to pile up layers of complexity, which just isn’t necessary.

Simplify your system by selling what you don’t need. You’ll have some money in your pocket (to buy LPs, CDs, speed or whatever) and a much simpler signal path, thus better sound.

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Excellent advice Graham, thank you.

I would sell the 272 and use the cash to buy a separate streamer to use with your 82. If you’re happy with the old streaming platform a used NDX would be cheap. Sale of the 272 should give you more than enough to fund one.


Thank you Chris, that’s an interesting idea.

It occurs to me that Naim may no longer make something as ‘old hat’ as phono boards for the NAC82 - unless I’m looking in the wrong places, they’re certainly not shown on any current Naim website.

Some kind person may be able to confirm, otherwise you may have to ask some helpful dealers to scrape through their spare parts drawers, or resort to the dreaded FleaBay.

Or there’s a very helpful Naim S/H specialist in St Albans (who has Julian Vereker’s NAP500 prototype) who may be able to help.