Sonetto o Venere (warmth)

Hello. Looking for speakers for my atom / nova.
I would like it to provide some warmth without removing detail and for it to be floor. Room of 8 x 4 x 4 meters. The room has a certain excess of mid-high reflections. All kind of music
Over here there are sonus faber sonnet 3 and venere 3 and 2.5 that I think fit what I want (the 2.5 is the most economically accessible)
They are not owned by the same vendor so I cannot put them next to each other to compare.
Has anyone experience comparing both? what differences are there?
I also heard some cantons that I liked
it could also be Dynaudio
I listen to opinions

You’ll be one of the few on this forum, then :joy:

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I have not heard the Veneres but auditioned the Sonneto 3 recently at a dealer. It was in a room roughly half the size you have and heavily acoustically treated and I would say they sound nice. The treble is not dialed back like older SF speakers. I own the Toy series from about 11 years back and I can tell that there is a bit more presence or lift in the upper mids / trebble with the new Sonnetos yet they remained very pleasurable to listen to and never found them bright or fatiguing.

My true concern is in the speaker size suitable for your room. If you are after “grand” sound that fills the room then the Sonneto 3 s I feel will be a bit small. But if grandness and big room filling bass is not on the top of your priorities I suspect you will be very please with the speakers.

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I listen to medium and low volume. Not high. But if I prefer to feel the bass. Your review is very useful, thank you!

If you are picking speakers for bass weight I’d say Sonus Faber Sonetto 3 are probably the wrong choice.

We run them on a 250DR and it’s not about the bass. Don’t get me wrong there is great bass present and it is very tight and articulate, but where these speakers excel is midrange, treble clarity and sound staging. They do work extremely well across a wide range of music.

At audition there are other speakers in the price range such as Spendor which do more bass but to our ears lost out to SF in every other area. We found the SF were the most enjoyable across all music genres which was an important consideration for us as the wife and I have a large and diverse music collection and fairly different tastes.

Bear in mind SF Sonetto 3 are 4ohm. We ran them on a SuperUniti for a while and the combination was very good. However the 250DR really makes these speakers sing. Much more controlled.

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Yes, I see that I am wrong looking for warmth and bass in SF. There are hardly any Spendor in Argentina, or they are extremely expensive.
What other brands of loudspeakers would you recommend with high bass sensitivity?

I’d still recommend you audition the Sonetto 3. They are very good speakers.

You might find that once you’re drawn into the music and hearing new things that the bass weight isn’t as important as you thought.

I have a large dance collection on vinyl and digital - the Sonettos do fine with that in a listening room 10m x 6m

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