Song Kong WAV Meta Data

I just wanted to mention that I was able to successfully ad Meta Data artwork to a copy (not my main backup) of my WAV files to be used with an audio player for my car or laptop at home.

In corresponding with Song Kong I was told there was no need to convert to flac to achieve this, just a “tagging” of the WAV files using SK. So a conversion step to flac using dBpoweramp for example is not needed. (of coarse someone may want this as well).

I can report the process and result are great. In my case the files remain in WAV but now with the artwork visible when used with non Naim playback devices.

Just make sure, if interested, to buy the “Melco” version, which also has a convenient “Naim” preloaded field available in one of the steps.

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There is also a neat plugin for Dbpoweramp that will do this automatically for WAV files based on directory structure. I used this and it’s fully configurable. I rip from EAC which gives me artist, album, track based filenames. Then run the Dbpoweramp batch converter. It just plonks in all the metadata no fuss.


I really disliked not seeing the art work, very annoying.

Well the Dbpoweramp batch convert won’t insert artwork. But many UPnP servers will show the album cover as longer as there is a file in the album folder called “folder.jpg” .

Great for when you’re on the go at a store or audio show.

Can plug in a thumb drive (if they agree!).

Hello Quad57
I wonder if you could give me some advice on possible use of Song Kong program or other suitable program?
Have used Mp3tag for metadata track identification/re ordering of particular download multi albums.
According to a recent enquiry about using the ripped files within the Core, it has become apparent that copying this Core (ripped) Music database means the art work & track info will not come across and be usable within a DAP or non Naim device. Due to the way Naim deals with the rip (“metadata stored in a separate folder”). It was recommended that SongKong could be used - Could I ask you how easy is it to deal with a copy of the Music folder say on a suitable pluggable hard drive? (Thus working on a separate source, in case problems arose during processing). Is it just a matter of selecting folder (on ext drive) and utilising “Fix” within this program and it will add the necessary album art work and the track titling.
I am not an expert in the computer field, but get by. I rarely use Mp3tag, I find this a steep learning curve when used! Your views on SongKong ease of use and if my thought process in carrying out this operation is correct would be appreciated.
It appears as though there is a free “Lite” version rather than the full licenced version (requires purchase) - which will do the required operation?
Many Thanks

Hi, I believe the “Melco” version must be paid for to be fully functional.

I ended up corresponding to SongKong support before I began anyway. Your particular needs might be different, and they were very helpful. As I remember somewhere on their website is a picture of what the correct configuration is before you hit the “Go” button. But I’m not allowed to post that here.


Thanks for the information, I will contact them.

Song Kong is really quite cheap considering (35 or 45 UKP then 20 UKP annually), it uses MusicBrainz and Discogs as metadata sources (Paul Taylor was a MusicBrainz developer before heading out on his own).

It uses math algorithms and will even differentiate versions where odd seconds of track timings give a slightly differing match. For rock albums it “rock solid” (sorry) where the track normally appear on one album. Classical can be trickier where a track can exist on several albums re-issues , compilations etc , SK identifies the track but can get the base album wrong . It does however pick up a lot of extra metadata such as Composition, Movement, Soloist etc where it’s available.

If you have a big library and need to do a lot of metadata grooming it’s worth the effort.

Paul is a regular Roon Forum contributor and often provides Offers for Roon users

Sounds like a good plan.

Thanks for the advice.
Could I ask, any thoughts or actual method of copying/transferring the FLAC ripped music from Core.
Use an external hard drive (safe option) and either use the Core “core back up” facility to copy across, then deal with clearing of unnecessary files, leaving the “music folder” on the drive for Song Kong use? Or use a laptop (windows) to “send”/ copy the Music folder to an external hard drive. I assume it could take a while for this operation - at least your not tying up “your” laptop for a day or so, if using the Core facility.
Views/experience please

I chose not to apply the SongKong program to my Core’s internal drive, or its direct backup. It was practical, for me at least, to use a third separate drive and “tag” its files. Also, SongKong “tags” but does not convert WAV to FLAC.

Just re -reading your last note and realised you may have thought I wanted as part of the process, to convert WAV to FLAC. No I choose from the start to rip in FLAC, due to some advice about metadata transfer. But after finding out that the Core processes this separately. Turns out there has been no advantage!

If your Core rips were saved as FLAC you shouldn’t need to do anything to them to get them to work elsewhere. Only WAVs have this problem. There is something odd going on if you can’t view their metadata.

Must admit to being a little confused now. On another associated topic a member who had ripped in FLAC also had issue not seeing track info & artwork when used on a DAP. There were other posts which then seemed to imply that the issue of metadata stored within Core is kept in a separate folder. So problems will arise with WAV or FLAC See Topic - “Core and gaining access to Rip folder” Unless I have misunderstood?
(I would like to add that I have yet to try gaining access to Music Folder and trying copying files onto micro SD).

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It might be worthwhile to try the micro SD and see what happens in your case.

Hi all,

Can anyone help with a similar but slightly different scenario?

I am using Uniti Core as well. Although it is a pain when ripping non English albums, mist of the time it can’t detect metadata and I need to edit in Naim app one by one, song by song….

My question is I have other non-Core ripped wav files as well some HD wav/DSD files saved to the Core’s Doenloaded Folder.

Some of these files although has correct meta data/ artwork…etc, it is not showing in the Naim app correctly. (Eg. Wrong artist, no artwork, wrong album title…etc)

Is there any app in the market that can edit the metadata that Naim can read correctly?

I purchased SongKong, but it seems only working the opposite way, (fix the metadata so non-Naim app/system can read the metadata used / edited with the Naim app before)

Any advice please?
Thank you

Hi, I would suggest that you use a regular metadata editor such as Metadatics or MP3tag. Load an album into it and see if the fields that are not shown correctly in the Naim app need to be edited.

Hi Chris,

I tried using the DBPower to do the same before, it is either the app or some setting were off that I can’t type non-English characters, and Naim is not showing the album correctly.
But I will give the other app a try.
Guess I just need a app that Naim is happy to read it via the Naim app.

Hi Chris,

I just download Metadatics, it now works !
Naim can read what I have edited !
Many thanks!

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