Songs to showcase your System

Hypothetically, if You are having a friend over and want to show what your system is capable, what one song do your play? Before Covid I was playing Arriving Somewhere But Not Here by Porcupine Tree for my rock friends. Would love to hear your choices.


If friends came over, i’d play “Get out of my house!” by the Covid 19’s :slight_smile:


@GadgetMan I revised my wording of the thread.

Heart ike a Wheel by Linda Ronstadt, PF The Wall, Into the Mystic and Moondance by Van, Elton John, Dianna Krall.

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I was about to say that very thing!

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a few Go To tracks for friends and family that really want to hear what can be achieved are (just my humble opinion)

In no particular order

Free - Primal scream (The original Memphis recordings) great tip from forum member
Young - Sam Smith, (they think he’s in the room :smile: )
Perfect Darkness - Fink
Hooverphonic - Mad about you / Live at Koningin
Back to Black - Sam Fender (BBC live session)

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I think it depends on what you want to emphasize about your system, however it’s always better to play different types of music (eg. pop/rock, soundtracks, and jazz) especially if you are not sure about the listener’s taste. I prefer tracks that can show a good dynamic range, can be subtle, have a great sense of space and are punchy when needed.

It’s hard to choose however If it was me, I would pick songs like:

  • Antonio Forcione - Tears of Joy
  • Chihiro Yamanaka - Syncopation hazard
  • Michael Jackson - Thriller
  • Simply Red - Sad old red
  • Michael Giacchino - Jurassic World suite
  • Lorne Balfe - Fate whispers to the warrior
  • Jóhann Jóhannsson - The border
  • Hildur Guðnadóttir - Convoy
  • James Newton Howard - The steam room

The first track on Paul Simon’s Stranger to Stranger makes the unwary jump. Fantastic album, sounds great and beautifully recorded.


Estimated Prophet by that well known Deadhead, Burning Spear.


I usually go with these two:

And then ‘The Guns of Brixton’ by the Clash, as it was the first track that I heard through a Naim XS range feeding Ovators 400’s.

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