Sonore Ultrarendu app help needed

Morning - my ultrarendu is configured as Roon endpoint currently with Innuos zen mini mk3 as roon core. If i want to use innuos own software to play and manage my library, what app to i need to download from Sonore and how do i configure it? there appear to be several but what the differences are is beyond me i afraid.
any help appreciated!

You just need to set the UR up as a UPnP renderer. Load up the MPD/DLNA renderer application and you should then be able to stream from the Innuos via the UR.

The manual is here if you’ve not seen it

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excellent! probably the only one i have not loaded this morning! i assumed the sqeezebox ones so thanks James!

ok installed and ill give it a go later. do i need to tick compatability mode? is says for controllers that dont support OpenHome and disables streaming via Linn Kazzo? i assume leave unticked

Not sure about that one. I don’t have a UR in front of me anymore to play with :slightly_smiling_face:

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