Sonore UPnP Bridge

There’s a lot of settings in Audirvāna that can make things better. I never got it to work 100% and eventually gave up. It sounds great indeed but you can achieve the same quality without Audirvāna and without the need of a computer too if you are not interested in Roon.

How did you do it?

The Sonore Bridge was pretty cheap in the overall scheme of things and will be easy enough to move on if it’s not going to work.

Yes, true, although you can leave it another room while using the remote app for playback.

Same. And I played around with a few of those settings but was never convinced they made anything better.

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OK the Sonore Bridge has arrived. A tiny inconspicuous little thing. Installed Bubble UPnP on it and it’s quietly running it on my network. Bubble on my laptop never worked so I had my doubts.

I’ve opened Kazoo on my iPhone and it saw it straight away. I’ve called the Renderer Naim Bubble so I know I’m connected via UPnP. Also tested by removing the cable from the Sonore Bridge and the music stopped so it’s definitely working.

Issues so far:

Tidal doesn’t work on Kazoo - I login, press play, and nothing happens.

Qobuz runs fine though. From using Audirvana I formed an opinion that Qobuz is the better sounding service so it’s time to bite the bullet and switch all my favourites and playlists over from Tidal and stick with Qobuz in future.

Only one remaining issue. I can’t control the volume on my 552 via the Kazoo app, which is a shame but not a deal breaker.

Very very happy with the Sonore Bridge thus far. Feels like a big upgrade for my NDS and a very elegant solution. You wouldn’t even know it’s there!

Edit: Volume still works on the Naim app so remote can stay in the drawer


Is the Lindemann (Bridge II) better than the Sonore? The reason I ask is that I am currently using Roon with a Raspberry pi and the Linux Squeezebox software. My understanding is the raspberry pi with the Linux Squeezebox software provides much the same quality as Sonore, but I’m not sure because I haven’t tried it

I have not made the comparison but from reading forums the conclusion seem to be Bridge is better.

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I’m into simplicity. And I think the Sonore Bridge running Bubble controlled by Kazoo is possibly the simplest and most cost effective way to upgrade an NDS.

That’s not going down the Roon route.

Sadly the Sonore Bridge is no longer available. I waited ages for one to pop up.

Note that you can get similar functionality by buying a used Sonore microRendu, but then those go for a bit more these days (around $400 depending on the clock model).