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Is there a way to integrate Nac 282 and NDX 2 with Sonos using Sonos Port so that I’m streaming from NDX 2 to my main Naim system and different Sonos speakers around the house?

The simplest way, if you want whole house Sonos and Naim at the same time, is to connect the digital output from the Port to a digital input on the NDX2 and select music via the Sonos system.

If you wanted to use it the other way around, with the Sonos playing what is selected on the NDX2, then you’d need to connect one of the tape outputs from the 282 to the analogue inputs on the Port.

The first approach is what I use (albeit with the previous generation Connect). My Sonos system can access my ripped CD collection and Qobuz account so if I want whole house music, including the main system in the lounge, then that’s the way I do it.

Thanks, James.

Is there a difference in the SQ between the two connections?

I’ve not tried both ways, but the Sonos digital output into the NDX2 works very well, with no latency issues between the main room and the other Sonos speakers. It sounds good too.

From the latency perspective, I’m not sure that would be the case feeding the analogue signal from the NDX2 (via the 282) into the Port to be digitised and fed across the Sonos network to the other Sonos speakers.

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If you really want multiroom music it’s generally best to stick to one brand, as multiroom systems are all proprietary. Musos with your Naim system would be better than Sonos in this respect, at a price.

AirPlay would be an alternative way to stream to both NDX2 and Sonos.

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Thanks ChrisSU.

Replacing Sonos with Musos would be ideal but would also add to the expense which could be better spent on upgrading the main system instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve just tested the airplay and it seems to work fine from Apple Music. Do you know what is the sampling rate into the ndx 2 using airplay?

Depending on what music app you use you might get up to 16/44.1 with AirPlay. I haven’t used Apple Music for a while, but I seem to remember that it only does lossy AAC over AirPlay?
For me, slightly reduced sound quality would be acceptable for multiroom listening as I would be using it for background music, reverting to the Server or Qobuz inputs when just listening to the main system.

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