Sonos Move

Ok, not Hi-Fi in the strictest sense, but we’ve found Sonos to be great for getting music around the house with minimal effort using Play 1 speakers in various places and a Connect box in the lounge to add Sonos into the main system. It’s been easy to use, trouble free and is ideal for background listening when bustling about the house or when friends are over (well used to be over…).

We’ve recently added a Move into the mix which has given us Sonos (and Roon) in the garden, garage etc with no need for mains cables and it’s proving to be a great piece of kit. Bigger and not as cute as the Play 1, it works really well as an outdoor speaker, the auto true play adjusting the sound when it’s moved from a indoor, close to wall location to free space. It’s certainly worth considering if you’ve already got Sonos in the house and want to take it outside too. If the good weather continues (after the blip coming this weekend) then it should get a lot of use this year.


We’ve a Sonos Beam fitted to our Kitchen TV. It’s great as it doesn’t sound too bad and is a good ‘hub’ for music in the kitchen when I’m preparing a meal (uPnP from Synology NAS or Naim UnitiCore) as well as being Apple AirPlay enabled - I can multi steam throughout the house to my other Apple AirPlay devices (ND555, NDX2, Apple TV, Sonos in kitchen). Cherry on the cake is that it’s Alexa and Google enabled, so you can get it to control lights, read recipes and set cooking timers!


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Looks good George. I’ve avoided enabling the Alexa option yet. A step too far for me :grinning:

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I have recently picked one of these up too, living it so far. It replaced a Play5 and doesn’t compare on sound but the versatility is great!

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