Sonus faber with nap 500

Sonus Faber olympica nova 3 with nap 500 would the 4ohm impedance cause a problem for the nap 500?? and how would it compare to my bowers and Wilkins 802’s I do not really know Sonus faber.

My ProAc K6 Signatures are 4ohm and I have no issues. The 500 has lots of current on hand, the SF speaker should be no problem.

No problem with my amatis

In general the 4 ohm itself shouldn’t be a problem, my Audio Physics are 4 ohm & I’ve driven them with a 150X all the way up to my current 300DR, no issues. The problem would come with inefficient speakers with large impedance swings etc. Generally the 8XX series B&W speakers are a harder load then SF speakers typically are, a 500 series should have no problem with the Nova range.

SF 4ohms were no problem with 250DR, or with 300DR.

300DR obviously has more control over them, can only imagine what a 500 would manage with Olympicas. I’d imagine it is a killer combo.

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I have had these excellent speakers for around 6 months and I have had no issues with my 552DR/300DR system. Can’t imagine the 500DR having any problem! I can thoroughly recommend the Nova 3s.

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