Sony 360 reality audio . Never heard before. Can someone explain this new format?
The article says that a decoder is needed at “hardware level” to play these tracks. So after MQA another “ hardware DRM”? Long live vinyl!!
I apologise for my English…:disappointed:

Absolutely not, its onna be on te ps5 next year and its te equivelant of dolby atmos ie object placement sound and it supposedly blows even cd away ie you can actually feel te music like you can feel bass in a properly set up syatem.
I tink its te equivelant of dr contrast but sound.
You will not need any special speakers or amps for tis new tecnoloy, its a free uprade or so sony said 6 monts ao, unlike dolby atmos wic as to be paid for. Its specific for amin but i uess could be used for any music.
Im also lookin forward to tis potential SQ increase bit like avin an orcestra in your own room. Lets ope so!
Sorry about te missin letters, keyboard broke.

I tink te cip will be in te ps5 as tey stated 6 monts ao tat no special amp or speakers are needed. Of course i tink you will need te ps5 because it will ave te 3d audio cip decoder in it.

You really need to get a new keyboard, it is getting so irritating reading your posts man.

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I take it he is on a macbook.

Why, are they famous for skipping the letter “H”?

Apples keyboards on macbooks and pros since they went to butterfly keys are notoriously some of the flakiest, crappiest keyboards ever designed. A simple search on google will show you. Sadly I have had first hand experience.

So bad in fact that if you buy a macbook pro today you will automatically be enrolled on the recall programme for when your keyboard WILL go tits up.

And yes the symptoms are keys that simply dont work.

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Thank you :pray: for the information.

I’ve just laughed my head off! Thank you! You’ve made my day! :smile:

The g and h is missing, im on a dell laptop. I can use amaual type keyboard but it takes a long time too just post anything.

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I tried this yesterday. It doesn’t really feel like 360 degree sound but there is more separation between the instruments.

Finding tracks with 360 sound is difficult on Tidal. So far I’ve found kind of blue which is highlighted with a little 360 symbol once you go into the album.

Will try it again later.

Im not sure its 360 degree sound. More like direct object placement sound so you actually feel the sound more accurate to the real thin. At least thats how i understand it.

That’s probably not far from the truth. I suspect it’s got more to do with marketing hype than actually coming up with something truly revolutionary.

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