Sony Bravia HDMI ARC issue with Mu-so 2

Hi there

I got the Mu-so 2nd Generation and have spent the better part of today trying to make it work as a speaker for our Sony Bravia KD-55AF8. All works well for streaming and bluetooth etc.

After going through all the relevant forum topics both here and on Sony’s website, updating everything etc. I found out by chance that the set up works ONLY when the HDMI ARC to the Mu-So is the only HDMI cable connected to the TV. In this case everything works perfectly and the TV remote makes the Mu-so volume dial light up when adjusting volume and the Mu-so turns off/on when I turn the TV off/on.

Once I connect a second HDMI while all of this is working with eg Netflix (I connect either a set top box or my Xbox) it continues to work but the volume dial stops lighting up although the volume itself changes when I want it to and sound still comes out of the Mu-so. If I then try to switch the TV off and on again with two HDMI cables connected it all goes back to the TV either switching to its own speakers or no sound coming out of the Mu-so.

Bottom line the Mu-so only works with the Bravia if the HDMI ARC is the only HDMI plugged into the TV.

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.

Sounds like something going on in the Sony TV. Have you spoken to their support for advice?

I’ve emailed them. Similar issues are all over the web with different brands of both TVs and audio components. Sometimes there are what seem to be standard solutions (eg TV settings) sometimes bizarre ones such as using a direct socket connection and not a gang lead for the audio. I was up until 2am trying to fix it, nothing works. Always only works as a single HDMI connection.

It does sound like the Sony but for example Bose have an entire thread where they collect HMDI ARC issue feedback for firmware updates because issue is on their side. Another thread on reddit found the Xbox to be the cause of it.

OK, could be worth getting in touch with Naim support about this then.

I have a Sony Bravia KD-65AF9 and when I connect my Mu-so 2nd Gen using an HDMI to the ARC on the TV I just get an oscillating buzzing noise through the Mu-so and I have to disconnect the HDMI lead to stop the noise. I had some success connecting to the TV via Bluetooth but the connection dropped out twice during the course of a film, so I don’t now use that either. Not sure whether it’s the TV or the Mu-so causing these problems, but the Mu-so performs well with steaming and other Bluetooth connections. Anyone know a solution?

Have you ensured the Sony is set to 2 channel stereo PCM. If it gets a bitstream signal you may well just get odd noises as it can’t decode it properly.

Hi Geoff

Try having the Muso as the only HDMI source connected and play something from the Bravia’s App suite (Netflix, Prime) after making sure all the PCM, speaker etc. settings are correct. This is when the Muso works perfectly for me but fails once any other HDMI source is connected.

The feedback from Naim technical support that I got was the following:

"Being a small company it is impossible to check the Muso 2 with all the different TV models. We do check the main TV manufacturers. So Sony is defiantly one of them. But depending on which factory the model was made in, the HDMI CEC function is slightly different.

We are looking in the next software update to improve the HDMI CEC compatibility. So hopefully the next update will solve this for you."

They are now investigating - I have an Xbox One X and a Set Top Box plugged into my TV besides the Muso.


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