Sony HA T10/Ortofon T 5 question

I bought a pair of the little Sony T-10 step-up transformers to try the step-up + MM phono stage approach. The results so far are encouraging and I’d like to try something more upmarket. Unfortunately I haven’t got a clue about the step-up ratio or gain provided by the Sonys, as they came without any king of information. A quick internet search suggests a 1:20 ratio and 26 dB gain.
As far as I know the Ortofon T5 is technically the same thing. If there are current or previous owners around, please share any information available.

AFAIK they are the same. I have a couple of sets, one the T5s.

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I’m beginning to wonder if there is any good Hi-Fi you don’t own. If one of them has a manual or something similar it would be great if you could see if the step-up ratio is mentioned.

Manuals for both appear to be available on Vinylengine. You have to register to download.

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The step up ratio on these is, IIRC, 1:20.

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