Sony Hi-Res dap and Muso 2 Bluetooth issues

Hi, please accept my apologies if this topic has been brought up before.

I have a just bought a Muso 2 and it’s great. I am however having issues in that neither of my Sony digital audio players can see the Muso when it is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

My iPhone and laptop see the Muso, my Sony daps connect to other devices but I cannot connect the Muso and the Sony devices.

Any body experienced this issue and found a way around it?

Thanks in advance

Could this be because your iPhone and laptop are “seeing” the Muso via wifi?

Sorry I can’t help further as I have never used Bluetooth to connect to my Muso QB’s as I only use the wifi connection to stream/Airplay, or otherwise ethernet.

I’m not sure how many people here use Bluetooth - personally, whatever devices I’ve used, I’ve always found BT hit and miss, with sound quality that’s definitely second best compared to just about any other connection method - so I don’t know how many useful responses you’ll get. It might be worthwhile speaking to your dealer - I assume they have some experience here. Otherwise, try Naim support.

I’ve never tried using my Sony player over Bluetooth to my Naim gear, but I occasionally use it with a portable speaker when travelling, and it works fine, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with the Muso. I would agree, though, that for best sound quality and reliability I would look for other connection methods where possible.

I cannot connect my Sony NW-A45 Walkman to my Muso 2 via Bluetooth. In fact the Muso 2 is generally rubbish at connecting to anything.

Apparently, and this is from Naim themselves, the Bluetooth module in the Muso is incompatible with my Sony devices (My A35 and WM1). I know Bluetooth is not high quality but sometimes you just want music and the Sony on shuffle through the Muso would have been ideal.

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