Sony PS-LX310BT and naim MU-SO

So this vinyl player offers bluetooth or 2xRCA cables to connect to a speaker. Is it possible for me to connect it to my naim mu-so speaker like via naim app via bluetooth? Or should i look for other vinyl player that offers 3.5 mm jack connection?

Thanks for all the answers in advance.

You can use rca to 3.5mm Jack plug into the side of the muso. If the rca leads are hard wired, then use an adapter.

It has a fixed cable so you simply need an adapter like this. Switch output selector to “line”.

You should be able to pair it with the Muso I think but you will get the best out of the Sony by using the cable with the adapter suggested above. Looks like a nice entry level tt. I suggested one to my daughter with a pair of Bluetooth speakers but it was a bit above her budget.

Thank you both for replies. I just hope i won’t loose to much quality of sound by using adapter in between.

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