Sony TV dropping ethernet connection

Had Samsung TV in lounge connected to ethernet by Netgear switch upstairs via cat5 10 or 15m cable routed up and over loft down into lounge and to TV. All was fine. Have now brought brand new Sony xr55a80j mounted to existing wall bracket and connected existing ethernet cable. Configured static IP. Switch on tv sometimes network connected other times message no network connection. Switch it off an on and most times network reconnects. I have a call open with Sony but not massively helpful. Given it worked fine with the Samsung I don’t believe there’s any issue with cable or connections. I tried dhcp rather than static same problems. I could try relocating the cable in the switch port or even plugging directly into the router. could try wi-fi also
Any advice?

Try turning everything off from router through to tv. Then switch router on leave for 10 minutes or so to boot up, then the switch for a few minutes, then try the tv?

Maybe the internet isn’t available because the TV is busy downloading and installing 101, mainly useless apps.

I’d give a day or two, see if it sorts itself out.

My Sony TV gives the ethernet not connected message when I switch it on sometimes , it’s connected fine though. Just a bug in their OS never used to do it until the last firmware update they put out. Same update also added a nice bug for Dolby Vision as well which causes all the colours to go screwey only a reboot sorts it.

My Sony is on wireless & like Crystal Gypsy’s Sony, it shows a message about no internet, but it satays connected.
However since the last software update a month or so ago, it seems to not show anymore.

I would add that all my equipment is on DHCP, not that anything actually changes an address. Static IP overriding the DHCP function doesn’t do anything.

I also recently bought new Sony tv which I use on wi fi. It’s forever showing lost internet connection messages.
Nothing else in house has problem
Sony shop say something must be interfering with it.
Not much help.
Not a real problem because watching through sky box which is also Wi-Fi without issue.
Have bought Ethernet cable but not tried yet.

Small suggestion thst you may have tried - don’t turn the TV off if there is no connection, just go to settings and refresh the network connection from there.

My Sony Bravia Smart TV is about 7 years old, with still a fantastic screen image, and very rarely fails to connect via WiFi. My router is the latest Sky model (used for broadband only not their TV channels) - not sure who makes them but they appear to be far more reliable than the Netgear models.

Thanks for all the replies - much appreciated
@GeoffC - I can’t see any option to refresh initialise the network. I have tried changing from Static to dhcp to try and kick it into life and whilst the settings are saved it’s not until TV is powered off and back on then yes network connected.
My slight problem is the TV is wall mounted so it is not simple to connect /disconnect ethernet cable. I have to get a friend to hold it whilst moving it out to access the connectors at the back plus I have tidied the cables in trunking. Otherwise I would put in a different cable and test the existing cable into my laptop. However, if the cable or connection were bad then you wouldn’t get any connection full stop i.e. connected or disconnected not this hobsons choice of sometimes connected sometimes not. I had also considered slightly better quality cable Cat6 for example but again it goes via the loft space to quite difficult to do all this.

I definitely think it is the Sony Operating System rather than my issue but tell Sony support that!. This TV was the What Hi Fi product of the Year which is why I brought it. Feedback said it was great but couldn’t get catchup apps like iPlayer etc. Sony brought out software update to address that at end Dec so as soon as I did the initial setup I did the software update which took several hours!

I could take it off the wall and try it upstairs in the bedroom that has another ethernet cable. I suppose in theory I could ask for the TV to be replaced given it is only one month old but what would be the point if a replacement does the same thing


It should be Settings → Network → Advance Settings → Network Status → Check Connection

Found this page on the web, it may help, at the bottom is a table with solutions to cable connection issues in different situations.

Additionally don’t turn your router off (if you have been), always leave it on, Sky recommend this for stability. The one time I did turn it off, some log-in settings on the TV apps (like BBC iplayer) were temporarily lost and I needed to add (type) them in again via the remote.

Yes, sorry Geoff ran that option and all it says is fail fail fail! So not really much help!

Ok, @IanB61 I suggest you look at the Sony article, I linked above - screenshot here.

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